Battlestar Galactica Filming Locations

Battlestar Galactica follows the last remnants of humanity on a search for Earth after a devastating attack by the Cylons. Battlestar was primarily filmed in and around Vancouver, BC. Lots of these locations were found by the folks over at Battlestar Locations.

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Battlestar Galactica was filmed in Vancouver & Kamloops in Canada.
Show Map

Quarry Lookout (Cypress Mountain)

Caprica Forest Campsite

Campsite where Help and Sharon sit around a fire in episode 1x02 "Water".

Lynn Canyon Park

Caprica Forest

Forest where Helo first meets Sharon after being stranded on Caprica in episode 1x01 "33".

Kobol Forest

The team is attacked and Elosha is killed in episode 2x06 "Home: Part 1". The team camps in the woods in episode 2x07 "Home: Part 2".

Deer Lake Park

Earth (inside Tomb of Athena)

A vision of Earth is seen while inside the Tomb of Athena in episode 2x07 "Home: Part 2".


Former Richmond Sand Dunes

New Caprica

Formerly empty lot where the city on New Caprica was built, first seen in episode 2x20 "Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 2".


Laura Roslin's Heaven Boat

Boat Roslin travels on in her vision of heaven in episode 4x06 "Faith".

Boundary Bay Regional Park

Original Earth

The original destroyed Earth the crew of the Battlestar finds in episode #410 "Revelations". Also where Kara finds her crashed viper in episode #411 "Sometimes a Great Notion".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Cylon Hospital

Exterior of hospital where Kara Thrace (Starbuck) was held by the Cylons for studying, along with a number of pregnant women in episode 2x05 "The Farm".

The Ironworks

Lee's Apartment

Lee's apartment where he chases the bird in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".


Mountain View Cemetery


Cemetery where Zak's funeral is performed in episode 1x04 "Act of Contrition".

Academic Quadrangle (SFU)

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

Helo meets Sharon here in episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" and shoots her on the stairs.

Riverwalk Market, Caprica City

Filmed at SFU's Academic Quadrangle and Convocation Mall. The location of a conversation between Baltar and Number Six in the miniseries. Also Roslin's flashbacks from episode #213 "Epiphanies".


Laura Roslin goes swimming in SFU's pond in the Academic Quadrangle after learning some bad news in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Vancouver Central Library

Caprica City

Helo and Sharon are on the run from cylons in episode #103 "Bastille Day" and pass through the library.

Cleveland Dam

Kobol Forest

The woods just west of the dam can be seen as the Cylon missile site in episode #203 "Fragged".

The Gates of Hera

The peaks (actually called The Lions) were filmed from here for episode #207 "Home: Part 2".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Cloud 9 Ship

Interiors and exteriors used as the electoral meeting for the Quorum of Twelve in episode 1x11 "Colonial Day".

Waterfall Building

Laura Roslin's Doctor's Office

In the miniseries, this is where Laura gets the bad news about her cancer. She is sitting in the glass, sloped atrium.

Starbuck's Apartment

Both Starbuck's apartment and where she was held by Leoben on New Caprica were filmed here. First seen in episode #202 "Valley of Darkness".

Cylon Occupied Caprica

The events of episode #218 "Downloaded" occur at the Waterfall building, including Sharon's apartment.

Lee's Apartment

Building where Lee has flashbacks with his fiancée in episode 2x14 "Black Market".

Starbuck's New Caprica Prison

Prison where Starbuck is held on New Caprica is the same location as her actual apartment was filmed. First seen in episode #301 "Occupation".

Laura Roslin's Apartment

Roslin's apartment in episode 4x19 "Daybreak: Part 1".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Opera House

Location of Baltar and Laura's Opera House visions first seen in episode 1x13 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2". New footage of the Opera House is seen in episode 3x12 "Rapture". The final bit of new footage can been seen in episode 3x19 "Crossroads: Part 1".

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Botanical Cruiser

Destroyed in the miniseries.

185 Tidewater Way

Baltar's House

Baltar's house from the miniseries.

Source: pseudorandom


115 Tidewater Way

Baltar's House

Baltar's house from most of the series (I believe).

Vancouver Film Studios

Caprican Air Force Base

Caprican military base where Adama meets Kara for the first time in a flashback in episode 1x04 "Act of Contrition".

Upper Coquitlam River Park

Breeder's Canyon

Rebel meeting point on New Caprica in episodes #302 "Precipice" and #303 "Exodus: Part 1".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Tylium Refinery Ship

The Tylium Refinery where Tyrol begins the work strike in episode 3x16 "Dirty Hands".


Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area

Kobol Crash Site

Valley where the raptor crashes in episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" and #201 "Scattered".

Walter C. Koerner Library (UBC)

Cylon Delphi Base

Where Helo learns the truth about Sharon in episode 1x11 "Colonial Day".

Rose Garden (UBC)

Cloud 9 Ship

Used as the electoral meeting for the Quorum of Twelve in episode 1x06 "Litmus".

Capilano Park

Caprica Forest

Clearing where the rescue team led by Starbuck finally meets up with the rebels led by Anders in episodes #220 & #221 "Lay Down Your Burdens" (part 1 & 2).

Barnet Marine Park

Laura Roslin's Heaven

Laura Roslin's family and friends were waiting for her on this shore as she dreamed she was going to heaven in episode #406 "Faith".


Port Mann Power Station

Astral Queen

Interiors of the Astral Queen from episode #103 "Bastille Day" were shot here.


The Hoodoos

Algae Planet

Planet where the crew harvest Algae for food and where Tyroll discovers the Temple of Five in episode 3x11 "The Eye of Jupiter".


V Class BC Ferry

Colonial Heavy 798 Cargo Bay

Cargo bay of Colonial Heavy 798 (Colonial One) where Apollo lands his viper in the miniseries.

CEWE Quarry

Pergamus Flats

Where the Cylon firing squad takes the prisoners to execute them in episodes #302 "Precipice" and #303 "Exodus: Part 1".

Rocky Planet

Planet where Starbuck crashes her viper and has to hot-wire a Cylon raider to escape in episode 1x05 "You Can't Go Home Again".

Galleon Meadow

Where Roslin's team lands on Kobol while searching for the Tomb of Athena in episode 2x06 "Home: Part 1".

Tomb of Athena

Entrance to the Tomb of Athena filmed up the hill above the quarry in episode 2x07 "Home: Part 2".


Robert Burnaby Park

Dream Sequence Forest

Location of dream sequence with Laura Roslin and Leoben in episode #108 "Flesh And Bone". The sequence was shot just east of the baseball field.

Caprica Swing Set

Swing set where the Cylons meet Sharon in episode 1x08 "Flesh and Bone".

Caprica Dirt Road

Road where the resistance members are ambushed and Kara is captured in episode 2x05 "The Farm".

Former Pacific Vocational Institute

Resistance Base

Kara and Helo are brought to this facility after meeting the Caprica resistance fighters in episode 2x04 "Resistance".

Outside The Farm

The members of the resistance rush Kara to a Sharon's heavy raider after rescuing her in episode 2x05 "The Farm".


Indian Arm, Burrard Inlet

Lee's Hallucination

Where Lee floats in the water in episode 2x12 "Resurrection Ship: Part 2".

Transportation Centre (SFU)

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

Stairs at the entrance to the Delphi Museum where Sharon and Helo talk in episode 1x13 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2".

3190 Travers Avenue

Baltar's House

Baltar's house from episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Pyramid Physical Therapy Center

Anders is interviewed here while undergoing physical therapy in flashbacks in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Third Beach (Stanley Park)

Baltar's Projection

Baltar and Head Six on the beach in episode 3x06 "Torn".


Former Butter

Strip Club

Club where Adama, Tigh, and Ellen talk in episode #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

West Hastings Street & Hornby Street

Present Day New York

The scene of angel Six and Baltar discussing humanity's future was filmed here, disguised as NYC in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak". Photos available at The 13th Colony.


West Mall Centre (SFU)

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

In episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" Kara lands her Cylon raider outside the museum.

Beach Grove Park

Kara's Crash Site

Field where Kara and Leoben finds the viper transponder in episode 4x11 "Sometimes a Great Notion".


Potash Silo (Vancouver Wharves)

Ragnar Station

Used for the large interior of Ragnar station in the miniseries.

Temple of Five

Appears as the interiors of the Temple of Five in episode 3x07 "A Measure of Salvation".

Harbourview Park

Bridge on Caprica

Helo and Sharon hide under this bridge while being followed by centurions in episode #107 "Six Degrees of Separation". They then have sex in the woods next to the bridge.

Pub 340

Caprica City Alley

Where Helo climbs down a fire escape beside this bar in episode #106 "Litmus Test".

North Shore Equestrian Center

Horse Stables

Horse stables where Helo and Sharon spend the night while on the run from the Cylons in episode 1x10 "The Hand of God".

Inter River Park

Caprica Path

In episode #110 "Hand of God", Six approaches the stable where Helo and Sharon were camping. This was filmed across the street from the stable at Inter River Park, just west of the soccer field.


Alibi Room

Bomb Shelter in Caprica City

Where Helo and Sharon take shelter in episode #104 "Act of Contrition" and #105 "You Can't Go Home Again".


Gate 6 Apartment Complex

Socrata Thrace's Apartment

Starbuck's mother's apartment in episode 3x17 "Maelstrom".


Former Woodwards Building

Caprica City Rooftop

The Cylons stand on this building across from the Dominion Building in episode #106 "Litmus". Also the scenes from in the abandoned building are shot in this building's parking garage.

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

The interiors of the Delphi Museum were constructed in the abandoned parking garage here for episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" and episode #201 "Scattered".


BC Cancer Research Centre

Parking Garage

Parking garage where Anders and the rebels plant the bomb in episode #218 "Downloaded". This building has since been torn down and rebuilt.