Battlestar Galactica Filming Locations

Battlestar Galactica follows the last remnants of humanity on a search for Earth after a devastating attack by the Cylons. Battlestar was primarily filmed in and around Vancouver, BC. Lots of these locations were found by the folks over at Battlestar Locations.

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Battlestar Galactica was filmed in Vancouver & Kamloops in Canada.

CEWE Quarry

Galleon Meadow

Where Roslin's team lands on Kobol while searching for the Tomb of Athena in episode 2x06 “Home: Part 1”.

Tomb of Athena

Entrance to the Tomb of Athena filmed up the hill above the quarry in episode 2x07 “Home: Part 2”.

Rocky Planet

Planet where Starbuck crashes her viper and has to hot-wire a Cylon raider to escape in episode 1x05 “You Can't Go Home Again”.

Pergamus Flats

Where the Cylon firing squad takes the prisoners to execute them in episodes #302 "Precipice" and #303 "Exodus: Part 1".

Waterfall Building

Lee's Apartment

Building where Lee has flashbacks with his fiancée in episode 2x14 “Black Market”.

Laura Roslin's Apartment

Roslin's apartment in episode 4x19 “Daybreak: Part 1”.

Starbuck's Apartment

Both Starbuck's apartment and where she was held by Leoben on New Caprica were filmed here. First seen in episode #202 "Valley of Darkness".

Starbuck's New Caprica Prison

Prison where Starbuck is held on New Caprica is the same location as her actual apartment was filmed. First seen in episode #301 "Occupation".

Cylon Occupied Caprica

The events of episode #218 "Downloaded" occur at the Waterfall building, including Sharon's apartment.

Laura Roslin's Doctor's Office

In the miniseries, this is where Laura gets the bad news about her cancer. She is sitting in the glass, sloped atrium.

Robert Burnaby Park

Caprica Swing Set

Swing set where the Cylons meet Sharon in episode 1x08 “Flesh and Bone”.

Caprica Dirt Road

Road where the resistance members are ambushed and Kara is captured in episode 2x05 “The Farm”.

Dream Sequence Forest

Location of dream sequence with Laura Roslin and Leoben in episode #108 "Flesh And Bone". The sequence was shot just east of the baseball field.

Academic Quadrangle (SFU)


Laura Roslin goes swimming in SFU's pond in the Academic Quadrangle after learning some bad news in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

Helo meets Sharon here in episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" and shoots her on the stairs.

Riverwalk Market, Caprica City

Filmed at SFU's Academic Quadrangle and Convocation Mall. The location of a conversation between Baltar and Number Six in the miniseries. Also Roslin's flashbacks from episode #213 "Epiphanies".

West Mall Centre (SFU)

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

In episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" Kara lands her Cylon raider outside the museum.

3190 Travers Avenue

Baltar's House

Baltar's house from episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Pyramid Physical Therapy Center

Anders is interviewed here while undergoing physical therapy in flashbacks in episodes #419 & #420 "Daybreak".

Harbourview Park

Bridge on Caprica

Helo and Sharon hide under this bridge while being followed by centurions in episode #107 "Six Degrees of Separation". They then have sex in the woods next to the bridge.

Former Woodwards Building

Caprica City Rooftop

The Cylons stand on this building across from the Dominion Building in episode #106 "Litmus". Also the scenes from in the abandoned building are shot in this building's parking garage.

Delphi Museum of Colonial History

The interiors of the Delphi Museum were constructed in the abandoned parking garage here for episode #113 "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" and episode #201 "Scattered".

Pub 340

Caprica City Alley

Where Helo climbs down a fire escape beside this bar in episode #106 "Litmus Test".

Inter River Park

Caprica Path

In episode #110 "Hand of God", Six approaches the stable where Helo and Sharon were camping. This was filmed across the street from the stable at Inter River Park, just west of the soccer field.