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550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA
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Designed by architect Claud Beelman in the Corporate Moderne style, the 12-story hotel began its life as the headquarters of the Superior Oil Company in 1955. The building features white marble cladding and exposed stainless steel on the exterior. In 2002 the building was reopened after an extensive remodel as the second location of The Standard Hotel with the addition of a rooftop pool, bar, and dance floor on the 12th floor.

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Rooftop Pool

Brennan and Booth travel to LA and the trail leads them to this rooftop pool in episode 1x10 "The Woman at the Airport".

Get Him to the Greek

The Standard Hotel


From episode 3x07 "Strange Days".

Perry Mason

Brent Building

Source: Wikipedia


Rooftop Pool


Stealing a Phone

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The Standard Hotel

Source: IMDb

Under the Silver Lake

The Standard Hotel

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