Movies Filmed at Cypress Mountain Outlook

Cypress Mountain, Coquitlam, BC V3E, Canada

Parking lot, service buildings, & outlook halfway up Cypress Mountain.

Nearby Locations
Cypress Mountain Ravine from Eureka
1.0 km

Quarry Lookout (Cypress Mountain) from The X-Files and 2 other movies.
2.5 km

High View Lookout (Cypress Mountain) from Godzilla
3.0 km

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Boson Cloud Exciter

Location of the Boson Cloud Exciter (BCE) in episodes #411 "Liftoff", #412 "Reprise", and #417 "Clash of the Titans".

Forest Path

Allison helps a girl find her father after the car crash in episode #412 "Reprise" (just down the path at the end of the overlook).