Eureka Filming Locations

Named after the fictional town of Eureka, Oregon in which it takes place, Eureka is the story of a small town filled geniuses who create inventions for Global Dynamics.

Eureka was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC, & Britannia Beach, BC in Canada.

K&S Diner

Cafe Diem (pilot)

Cafe Diem exterior as seen in the pilot.

1st Avenue (between Gatacre & Roberts)

Eureka Main Street (pilot)

Main street seen in the pilot.

Roberts Street (between 2nd & 3rd)

Eureka Street

Street Jack and Zoe walk down when first entering Eureka after their car breaks down in the pilot.

NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics

Global Dynamics Exterior (pilot)

Exterior of the Global Dynamics building in the pilot. Also where the elevator Allison and Jack ride down to get into the facility is located.

The Travellers Hotel

Sheriff's Office (pilot)

The Sheriff's office from the pilot.

1st Avenue & Roberts Street

Street Corner

Jack and Zoe talk to a kid on a bicycle shortly after arriving in town on the pilot.

4881 Ney Drive

Walter Perkins' House

House where Jack, Allison, and Lupo find Walter's secret basement lab in the pilot.

4873 Ney Drive

Allison's House (pilot)

Jack takes his theory to Allison here in the pilot.

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

Professor King's Lab

Where Professor King's does his research in the pilot.

Heritage Woods Secondary

Global Dynamics Exterior

Missile Silo

Baseball field out back is the launch silo in episode #411 "Liftoff" which Jo Lupo repels down later in the episode.

GD Antenna Station

Where Lexi's car is stopped by a force field and she is rescued by Jack and Henry in episode #306 "Phased and Confused". Filmed in the back parking lot.

Wellington Ave

Eureka Main Street

Main Street in Eureka featuring the sheriff's office, Cafe Diem, & other landmarks.

Accurate Iron Works

Henry's Garage (exterior)

In all episodes but the pilot.

Sullivan Heights Secondary

Tesla School

Exterior of the Eureka High School first seen in episode #102 "Many Happy Returns".

751 Grantham Place

Allison's House

Allison's house as first seen in episode #102 "Many Happy Returns".

3802 Angus Drive

Barlowe's Bed & Breakfast

B&B that Beverly runs and operates in the first two seasons.

Tum Tumay Whueton Drive

Forest Road

Jack pulls over Beverly and Jason in episode #103 "Before I Forget". In episode #104 "Alienated" Congressman Faraday is kidnapped here. Also where Jack and Zoe are driving in episode #107 "Blink". Finally this is where Zoe hitches a ride in episode #108 "Right as Raynes".

South Beach (Golden Ears)

Lake Shore

Lake where Jack reappears on the beach and then confronts Dylan in episode #107 "Blink".

Woodhaven Swamp

Road & Swamp

Location of the hit and run accident early in episode #107 "Blink" and where the destroyed body is found just off the road.

Terminal City Iron Works


Warehouse where Callister Raynes gets a bunch of science stuff in episode #108 "Right as Raynes" (really need to rewatch the episode).

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Graduation Ceremony

Location of Tesla School graduation ceremony in episode #112 "Once in a Lifetime".


Location of Allison and Nathan's wedding in episode #304 "I Do Over".

GD Spa

Spa that experiences some instant freezing in episode #203 "Unpredictable".

Oceanic Plaza

Congressman Faraday's Limo

Beverly Barlowe and Congressman Faraday meet in his limo in episode #201 "Phoenix Rising".

Buntzen Lake

Archimedes Lake

Carter and Stark go to talk to Dr. Todd while he is fishing on the lake in episode #202 "Try, Try Again".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

GD Storage Facility

Facility where defunct GD experiments are stored in the episode #202 "Try, Try Again" was inside the Telus Studio Theatre.

GD Bathroom

The bathroom where Fargo first puts on the shield device in episode #202 "Try, Try Again" is inside the women's restroom in the lobby (redressed as the men's restroom).

Caretaker's Cottage

Dr. Whiticus's Cabin

Cabin where the weather machine is located in episode #203 "Unpredictable".

Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

Drone Launch Site

Forest ridge where the drone test goes down at the start of episode #301 "Bad to the Drone".

Rocket Daze Launch Site

The folks of Eureka launch rockets to the moon from here in episode #404 "The Story of O2".

Minaty Bay


From episode #303 "Best of Faux".

Hope River Road

Bus Stop

Henry takes Eva here to catch a bus in episode #308 "From Fear to Eternity".

Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Missile Silo Tunnels

Tunnels where Lupo finds Deputy Andy in episode #411 "Liftoff".

Section 12 Power Station

Lower level of GD where Jack goes to hunt the goo in episode #312 "It's Not Easy Being Green".

Whip Restaurant & Gallery

Eureka Street

Street where Fargo is cleaning his car before it gets covered in mud in episode #313 "If You Build It…".

Vancouver Aquatic Centre

Tesla School Swimming Pool

From episode #318 "What Goes Around, Comes Around".

Vancouver Film Studios

GD Loading Dock

Loading dock where Zane and Lupo talk in episode #404 "The Story of O2". This is also where a GD technician gives Lupo the robot back in episode #406 "Momstrosity".

Corner Cafe


Cafe where Beverly meets with Trevor Grant to talk about her secret plan in episode #408 "The Ex-Files".

Cleveland Dam

Unexpected Gorge

Strange gorge that Henry and Allison find while investigating strange readings in episode #409 "I'll Be Seeing You" and where Jack discovers the hidden warehouse.

Burnaby City Hall

Washington Committee Room

Meeting room seen at the end of episode #411 "Liftoff".

Cypress Mountain Outlook

Boson Cloud Exciter

Location of the Boson Cloud Exciter (BCE) in episodes #411 "Liftoff", #412 "Reprise", and #417 "Clash of the Titans".

Forest Path

Allison helps a girl find her father after the car crash in episode #412 "Reprise" (just down the path at the end of the overlook).

Cypress Mountain Ravine

Crash Site

Location of fake car crash Allison comes upon in episode #412 "Reprise" and that Jack investigates in episode #415 "Omega Girls".

Stasis Bubble

Jack, Kevin, and Holly find the first stasis bubble in episode #412 "Reprise".

Empty Lot off Bewicke

Lupo's House

Location of Lupo's burned down house in episode #412 "Reprise".

Logan's Home Hardware

Eureka Bank

Remains of the bank that goes missing in episode #414 "Up in the Air".

Barnet Marine Park

Training Ground

Location where the Astraeus candidates go through physical training in episode #414 "Up in the Air".

Archimedes Lake

Edge of Archimedes Lake where the black whole appears in episode #420 "One Giant Leap…".

Bloedel Conservatory

Dr. Leonardo's Lab

Dr. Leonardo's botanical research laboratory in episode #417 "Clash of the Titans".

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Galaxy Camp

Galaxy Camp interiors were filmed inside the building, the exteriors were filmed in Vanier Park just behind the space center for the flashback in episode #418 "This One Time at Space Camp…".

Kitsilano Secondary School

Zane's School

The school where Zane went in his flashback during episode #418 "This One Time at Space Camp…".

621 West 15th Street

Lupo's Childhood Home

Lupo's family's house that appears in her flashback in episode #418 "This One Time at Space Camp…".

Clarke's Farm

Dr. Welcke's Farm

The barn with the melted cow on Dr. Welcke's (check spelling) farm in episode #419 "One Small Step…".

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

Taggart Test Site

Jack and Lupo go to recover Dr. Plotkin device from near where Taggart is testing the water in episode #420 "One Giant Leap…".

Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement (LSCR)

Charred Land

Jack and Lupo search for the point of origin of the energy beam that hit the president's motorcade in episode #420 "One Giant Leap…".

The Learning Lodge (LSCR)

Dr. Plotkin's Cabin

Cabin where Jack and Lupo go to talk to Dr. Plotkin in episode #421 "One Giant Leap…".