Movies Filmed at Former Fantasy Gardens

Steveston Hwy & No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 4E7, Canada

The Fantasy Garden World started its life as a small amusement park in the early 70s. The park was purchased by B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm in 1984 who set up a Christian theme to the park and used it as his personal home. Accusations that the park was a conflict of interest led to Zalm's resignation in 1991 and sale of the park shortly thereafter. The front of the park consisted of a small medieval-style village fronted by a miniature recreation of the Netherlands' Coevorden Castle, ancestral home of Captain George Vancouver. The rear of the park contained the Biblical Gardens filled with a number of religious icons. In 2010 the village was torn down to make room for a condo development leaving only the Dutch castle and part of the gardens on the site.

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Solvang Santa's Village

Santa's village where Shawn and Gus go to talk to the con artist santa in episode 3x09 "Christmas Joy".


From episode 4x05 "Monster Movie".

Stargate SG-1


SG-1 arrives on a planet to find the people disappearing and getting their memories altered in episode 7x05 "Revisions".

Stargate Atlantis

From episode 3x13 "Irresponsible".


From episode 2x01 "Into the Mystic".

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From episode 3x09 "Shadows". From episode 3x10 "Blackmail".