10 Cloverfield Lane Filming Locations

A woman wakes up in a strange bunker after a car crash and is told the world has ended.

Part of the Cloverfield Collection

See also: Cloverfield.

10 Cloverfield Lane was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Crescent City Connection (south)

Driving over Bridge

Michelle drives out of the city.


LA-307 (treeline)

Driving through Woods

Michelle drives through the woods outside town.


LA-307 (bend)

Driving around Bend

Michelle drives around the corner past some fields.


Chevron Hahnville

Kelvin Gasoline

Michelle stops to get gas and sees a creepy truck.


Home Place (between Scorpio & Sycamore)

Driving at Night

Michelle drives down a darkened road and listens to a message from Ben.


Homeplace Plantation House

Howard's Farm

Michelle escapes the bunker and looks around the farm.


Home Place (between Hahn & Ares)

Entering Road

Michelle drives onto the road and knocks over the mailbox.


LA-307 (farms)

Driving Away

Michelle drives away into the night.