Cloverfield Filming Locations

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Cloverfield was filmed in New York & Los Angeles in United States of America.
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New York City Backlot (Paramount Studios)

Street outside Apartment

The gang runs outside the apartment and sees the city in chaos before ducking into a convenience store to avoid the dust cloud.


Starbucks Coffee (6th & Spring)

Electronics Store

Rob tries to find a working phone to call Beth.


Warner Brothers Burbank Studios

Military Strike

The gang avoids a futile attack by the military on the creature before ducking into the subway.




The gang escapes the subway into a department store where they encounter the military.


Westfield Santa Anita Mall


The gang is brought through a military base set up in a shopping mall.


1100 Wilshire

Beth's Apartment Lobby

The gang walks through the lobby of Beth's building.


Park Avenue (between 40th & 41st)

Park Avenue

The last few survivors run to the helicopters waiting near Grand Central Station.


Santa Clarita Central Park

Central Park Crash

Hud, Rob, and Beth wake up in the park after their helicopter crashes.