Captain America: Civil War Filming Locations

The Avengers end up fighting amongst themselves when the world governments demand oversight and Bucky resurfaces.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Captain America: Civil War was filmed in Berlin in Germany and Atlanta & San Juan in United States of America.
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World Plaza Building

Lagos Rooftop

Sam Wilson keeps a bird's eye view on the action from a nearby rooftop where he launches his drone to follow the garbage truck.


Avenida Borinquen (between San Antonio & Argentina)

Drone Following

Sam's drone follows the suspicious garbage truck through the streets of Lagos.


Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center

Institute for Infectious Diseases

The Avengers fight against Brock Rumlow and his goons who are trying to steal a bioweapon from a lab.

M.I.T. Theater

Tony Stark gives a speech to a group of M.I.T. students.

Source: 11 Alive

Unknown Berlin scene.

Source: 11 Alive


Lot behind Norfolk Southern

Lagos Market

The Avengers fight Rumlow's goons in a market and recover the bioweapon.



Richard B. Russell Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

Destroyed Building

The bomb destroys one floor of a Lagos building when it couldn't be contained by Scarlet Witch.


Porsche Experience Center

New Avengers HQ

The Avengers are informed about the Sokovia Accords.

Source: USA Today


Peachtree Christian Church


Steve Rogers and the others attend Peggy Carter's funeral where Sharon Carter gives a eulogy.


W Atlanta - Buckhead

Vienna Hotel Room

Steve, Sharon, and Sam watch news broadcasts on the bombing at the United Nations.



Lutter & Wegner im Kaisersaal


Steve talks to Natasha on the phone from a cafe near the site of the bombing.


Leipziger Straße & Jerusalemer Straße

Bucharest Street

Bucky buys some fruit and then spots himself on the cover of the newspaper.

Source: IMDb


Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin

Building by Bucky's Apartment

Bucky jumps to a rooftop next door to his Bucharest apartment where he is confronted by T'Challa. Their fight continues down the side of the building and they are followed by Captain America.


Messedamm Underpass


Black Panther chases Bucky through a tunnel while being chased by Captain America and War Machine.


Kapelle-Ufer (between Alexanderufer & Reinhardtstraße)


A motorcade transports the Avengers and Bucky Barnes to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre in Berlin.




The motorcade drives across a bridge near the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.


Transformer Station at Cherokee Avenue

Transformer Station

A package is delivered to a power station outside Berlin while contains a EMP device to shut down the city's power.


AT&T Building Parking Garage

Airport Parking Garage

The team gets together and Steve Rogers is introduced to Scott Lang.


Leipzig/Halle Airport

Leipzig/Halle Airport

The Avengers fight against one another when Captain America and his crew try to get out of the country. Most of the tarmac fight was filmed in front of a digital recreation of the airport.

Source: IMDb