Captain America: The Winter Soldier Filming Locations

Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov are forced on the run after uncovering some sinister S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Captain America: The Winter Soldier was filmed in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Cleveland, & Baltimore in United States of America.

Inlet Bridge

Morning Run

Sam Wilson is passed by the Captain while running in the morning.


Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Morning Run

Captain America passes Sam Wilson for a second time during his morning run.


Reflecting Pool

Morning Run

Sam Wilson gets annoyed when Captain America passes him again during his run.


National Mall & 3rd Street Southwest

Resting After Run

The Captain talks to Sam Wilson after finishing his morning run before being picked up by Black Widow.


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The Captain visits an exhibit about himself at the Smithsonian.


Western Reserve Historical Society

Captain America Exhibit

The Captain walks around his exhibit and later steals his old uniform.

Source: Audio Commentary


2178 Harcourt Drive

Peggy's Home

Steve visits Peggy in her home.


Pilgrim Congregational Church

Veteran's Group

Sam Wilson leads a Veteran's support group in the basement of church.


Rockwell Avenue & East 6th Street

Fury Attacked

Nick Fury's SUV is hit and surrounded by several police cars.


Euclid Avenue (between 12th & 13th)

Slow Chase

Nick Fury crashes through a traffic jam while being chased by fake police officers.


Superior Avenue (between 3rd & 6th)

Fury's SUV is Destroyed

After escaping the fake police Nick Fury encounters The Winter Soldier who blows up his SUV.


1614 20th Street Northwest

Captain America's Apartment

Captain America returns to his apartment to find Nick Fury waiting for him.


Cleveland Museum of Art

Triskelion Lobby

Captain America comes crashing down through the glass ceiling into the lobby of the Triskelion.


Lorain Avenue Bridge

Bridge from Triskelion

The Captain takes down a Quinjet after escaping the Triskelion.


Tower City Center


Black Widow and Captain America attempt to escape the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the mall.


Apple Store (Westfield Topanga)

Apple Store

Black Widow tracks the source of the thumb drive while Captain America distracts one of the store employees.


West Lakeside Avenue & West 4th Street

Outside the Mall

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hunting Captain America pull up outside the mall.


Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center

Camp Lehigh

Steve and Natasha follow the signal to the abandoned base where Steve was trained back in the day. The signal leads them to a modern looking bunker amongst the ruins.

Source: IMDb


2193 West 7th Street

Sam Wilson's House

The Captain and Black Widow go to Sam Wilson when they need somewhere to lay low.


Willard InterContinental Washington

Sitwell Picked Up

The team kidnaps Jasper Sitwell after he talks to Senator Stern.


Charles Center South


Natasha and Steve take Sitwell up to the roof of a skyscraper and interrogate him before throwing him off. While the surrounding environment is from this rooftop, the actual scene was shot on a fake rooftop in front of a green screen.


Cleveland Memorial Shoreway (over Cuyahoga River)

Highway Chase

The group is racing down the highway when the Winter Soldier appears in the road in front of them and leaps onto their car.

Source: IMDb


Summit & West 3rd Street

Attack on Highway

The Winter Soldier attacks the team while they are transporting Jasper Sitwell.


West Lakeside Avenue & West 3rd Street

Winter Soldier Battle

The team battles the Winter Soldier before being captured by Hydra agents.


Lake View Cemetery Dam

Nick Fury's Hiding Place

Agent Hill takes Captain America and Black Widow to Nick Fury's secret hiding place.


Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant

Nick Fury's Hideout

The team is taken into where Nick Fury is recovering and discuss their future plans.

Source: Wikipedia, Audio Commentary


Ameritrust Building

Winter Soldier Bank

Exterior of the bank where the Winter Soldier is interrogated.


Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Winter Soldier Vault

The Winter Soldier is treated after his fight with Captain America.


The Lake View Cemetery

Nick Fury's Grave

The Captain, Black Widow, and Nick Fury talk about the their future plans at the end of the film.

Source: Director Commentary


Cleveland State University Campus Recreation Center

Search for Captain America

Deleted Scene: S.H.I.E.L.D. agents search for Captain America but only find the uniform he left behind.