Captain Fantastic Filming Locations

A man is living in the remote wilderness raising his six children when he learns that his wife has died and the eccentric family must travel across the country to make sure her will is carried out.

Captain Fantastic was filmed in Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque, Sultan, Snoqualmie, North Bend, Las Cruces, Index, Gold Bar, & Fall City in United States of America.

Hillside above Picture Lake


Ben leads his kids through meditation followed by combat practice.


Mount Baker Highway (straight bit)

Mountain Road

Ben drives his kids down the mountain to head into town.


Index General Store

Index General Store

The family heads into town to pick up supplies and mail.


The River House


Bo reads his college acceptance letters away from the rest of his family.

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Smokey Joe's Tavern


Ben learns about his wife's death while on the phone with his sister.


Mount Baker Highway (high hairpin)

Mountain Road (bend)

The bus drives around a sharp bend on the way out of the wilderness.


Mount Baker Highway (near visitor centre)

Mountain Road (curves)

Ben drives the bus down a winding road.


Mount Baker Highway (low hairpin)

Mountain Road (hill)

The family bus continues to head down the mountain.


Stevens Pass Highway (Skykomish River Bridge)

Driving over Bridge

The family drives over a bridge on their bus when heading south for the funeral.


I-90 Snoqualmie Parkway Onramp


The bus pulls onto the highway.


Fremont Bridge

Fremont Bridge

The bus drives over a bridge near Portland.


Main Street (between 4th & 5th)

Main Street

The bus drives down the street in a small town after leaving the bank.



Pulled Over

The family is pulled over.

Fall City Roadhouse & Inn


The family stops to eat at a diner and marvels at everything on the menu before Ben makes them all leave.


Gold Bar Family Grocer

Grocery Store

Ben fakes a heart attack to create a distraction so his kids can steal food.

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Picnic Area off 115th

Noam Chomsky Party

The kids eat cake and get gifts to celebrate Noam Chomsky day in a picnic area beside the river.


Highway 550 (near old Highway 44)

Highway Overlook

The bus drives down the highway high above the desert floor.

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O'Sullivan Sportsman Resort

Trailer Park

The family stays at a trailer park where Bo meets a girl named Claire and he confesses his love for her after they share a kiss.

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I-90 (near Wild Horse Wind Facility)


The road trip continues past a wind farm.


I-40 & I-25 Interchange


The bus drives over a colorful interchange.


Osuna Road Northeast (between San Pedro & Northland)

Golf Course

The kids look out the windows as they drive past a golf course.


Barcelona Ridge Road (between Constitution & Anthem)

Entering Town

Ben drives his family into town in their bus.


St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church


The family arrives at the church where Leslie's funeral is taking place and Ben gets kicked out after yelling at the family about her will.

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6500 Vista De Oro

Jack & Abigail's Home

Ben and the kids visit Leslie's parents' house.


EvergreenHealth Medical Center


Ben brings Vespyr to the hospital after she falls off the roof and is soon joined by the rest of the family.

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Shorty's Food Mart

Shorty's Food Mart

Ben stops at a gas station and shaves off his facial hair on his way out of town.


Paseo Del Norte Boulevard Northeast (between Atrisco Vista & Del Oeste)

Road Bend

The bus drives around around a corner past some high tension power lines at sunset.

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Masonic Cemetery


The family heads to the cemetery to rescue their mother from where she has been buried.

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I-405 (near Main Street)


The family drives the bus north along the highway.


I-90 (between exit 42 & 45)


The family continues their journey back up north.

Rosario Head (Deception Pass State Park)

Funeral Pyre

The family cremates their mother's body on the shore and sing a song.

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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

SeaTac Airport

The family disposes of their mother's ashes at the airport and then say goodbye to Bodevan.


Las Cruces KOA

Not confirmed

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