Star Trek Beyond Filming Locations

The crew of the Enterprise find themselves stranded on a strange world after the Enterprise is destroyed by a hostile force.

Part of the Star Trek Collection
Star Trek Beyond was filmed in Vancouver & Squamish in Canada and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.
Show Map

Almas East Lake (south shore)

Yorktown Pond

People mingle around in the streets of Yorktown as the Enterprise arrives.


Meydan Racecourse

Yorktown Building

Spock receives news of his future doppelgänger's death shortly after arriving at Starbase Yorktown.

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Central Tower (party)

Kirk and Bones join the party with the rest of the crew.


Al Mas Tower

Commodore's Office

Kirk meets with Commodore Paris about the mysterious ship and the opening of a Vice Admiral position.

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Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve


Kirk, Chekov, and Kalara crash in their escape pods on the surface of the mysterious planet and head through the forest towards the crash of the Enterprise.


Pitt River Quarries

Krall's Camp

Most of the survivors from the Enterprise are kept captive at Krall's camp where Jaylah and Kirk lead a daring rescue to save the crew.


Cacodemon Boulder (Stawamus Chief Provincial Park)


Scotty's pod crashes on the planet near some boulders where he is saved from some angry locals by Jaylah who salvages equipment from his pod. Later, the two of them find Kirk and Chekov trapped in one of Jaylah's traps.


Central Park Towers

Central Tower

Krall runs from the ship after the USS Franklin crashes into the pond.

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