Star Trek Into Darkness Filming Locations

The Enterprise crew has to deal with a dangerous terrorist who has attacked Earth and is definitely not Khan (it’s totally Khan).

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Star Trek Into Darkness was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Greystone Mansion

Royal Children's Hospital

Thomas Harewood is taking care of his daughter at the hospital when he is approached by Khan.

San Francisco Bar

Scotty is drinking at a San Francisco bar when he gets a call from Kirk.


The Getty Center

Starfleet HQ

Kirk and Spock go to Starfleet HQ to discuss the incident with the volcano.


The Majestic Halls

Kelvin Memorial Archive (exterior)

Thomas Harewood spots Khan across the street and then enters the archive to complete his mission.



Kelvin Memorial Archive (lobby)

Thomas Harewood enters the archive and is scanned through security.


National Ignition Facility (Livermore National Laboratory)

USS Enterprise (warp core)

Kirk enters the warp core to save the ship and receives a lethal dose of radiation.

USS Enterprise (torpedo bay)

Kirk and others examine the torpedoes that were loaded onto the ship. Filmed in the Switchyards area at the NIF.


Anheuser-Busch Co

USS Enterprise (engineering)

Bowels of the Enterprise where, among other things, Chekov saves Scotty and Kirk when the gravity shifts.


Hercules Campus (Hanger)

USS Vengeance (bay)

Scotty works to hack the Vengeance's computers to let Kirk, Spock, and Khan enter the ship.


Creative Artists Agency Building

San Francisco Plaza

Spock beams to the surface and chases Khan through the panicking populace.


South Grand Avenue (between 3rd & 4th)

San Francisco Street

Spock chases Khan down and across a street.


Crystal Cathedral

Memorial Service

Kirk gives a speech to the Academy to commemorate the lost crew members and to dedicate the new Enterprise.