Twilight Filming Locations

Part of the Twilight saga
Twilight was filmed in Los Angeles, Portland, & Oregon City in United States of America.
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3333 NW Quimby Street

The Cullen's House

used for the first film in the series


Carver Cafe

Forks Coffee Shop

where Bella and Charlie often go to eat


Stone Cliff Inn

where the lion fell in love with the lamb, need a gps loc


Madison High School

Forks High School (cafeteria/administration)

interior scenes


Indian Beach (Ecola State Park)

First Beach, LaPush

The strip of beach was used where Jacob tells Bella the Quileute legend of the "cold ones.".


The View Point Inn


where Bella and Edward have prom


alley/parking lot

street where Edward saves Bella, in "Port Angeles"

Blue Heron Paper Company

LaPush Beach

The waterfront area is used for the scene where nomad vampires first kill

Grisham Mill


330 S 1st Street

Weird Hair Cafe

where Edward takes Bella to dinner in "Port Angeles"


Hyatt Valencia

hotel where Bella stays in "Phoenix"


Kalama Junior/Senior High School

Forks High School (exterior/gym)

Scottsdale Hospital Room


260 S 2nd Street

Thunderbird and Whale

where Bella goes to buy a book


Angel Hair Salon

Petite Jolie

where the girls try on prom dresses in "Port Angeles"


22301 Cataro Drive

Renée Dwyer's House

Exterior of Bella's moms house--painted darker for the film. To pass for Arizona palm trees were added to neighboring houses.


Kadows Caterpillar Island Marina


where Waylon gets murdered



St. Helens High School

Forks High School (theater)