Arrival Filming Locations

When strange alien craft land around the planet, linguist Louise Banks is recruited to decipher their strange language and determine why they have come as tensions mount around the world.

Part of the 89th Academy Awards Collection

Arrival was filmed in Montreal in Canada.
Show Map

31 Chemin de l'Île

Louise Banks' House

Louise returns to her home after learning of the alien's landing and the next evening a helicopter arrives to take her out to the landing site.


Santa Cabrini Hospital


Louise remembers Hannah's birth and later diagnosis at the hospital.


Decelles Building (UdeM)

University Classroom

When Louise arrives to teach her class she notices that most of her students are missing and the rest are distracted by the arrival.


Place Laurentienne (UdeM)

University Plaza

Louise walks with a crowd of people after class as security keeps everything under control.

Source: Filmap


Garage Louis-Colin (UdeM)

University Parkade

Louise returns to her car after her empty class and notices everyone rushing to leave at the same time as military jets fly overhead.


Route 132 (near 227)


A large a military roadblock prevents a large crowd of people back from the landing site.


Farm off Route 132

Landing Site

Louise is transported to the military camp at the base of the alien craft which has landed in the middle of a field.


Place des Arts


Louise remembers meeting a meeting with General Shang 18 months in the future where he gives her his private number so she can contact him in the past.

Source: IMDb