La La Land Filming Locations

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La La Land was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Warner Bros. Burbank Studios

Warner Bros. Studios

Mia works at a coffee shop on the studio lot.

Source: IMDb


Griffith Observatory (Griffith Park)

Griffith Observatory

Mia & Sebastian visit the observatory after their movie and waltz in the planetarium.


Chateau Marmont

Mia's Home (exterior)

Five years later Mia arrives at her new home.

Source: IMDb


Rialto Theater

Sebastian waits for Mia outside the screening of Rebel Without a Cause.

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The Smoke House Restaurant

Lipton's Restaurant (interior)

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Colorado Street Bridge

Colorado Street Bridge

Mia & Sebastian walk along bridge.

Source: IMDb


Hermosa Beach Pier


Sebastian dances on the pier.

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Orcutt Ranch

Mia's Home (interior)

Final Song


Angels Flight Railway

Mia & Sebastian ride the funicular railway.

Source: IMDb


1648 Wilcox Avenue

Lipton's Restaurant (exterior)

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Watts Towers

Watts Towers

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Vine Street (between Vedanta & Argyle)


Mia walks down the street after her car is towed.

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Bernard Street (between Yale & Hill)

Mia leaves a voicemail for Sebastian.

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Mia leaves her boyfriend and his friends to head to the movie.

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West 4th Street (between Figueroa & Flower)

4th Street

Mia sits in traffic with her husband and they decide to pull off and get dinner.

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Cathy's Corner (Griffith Park)


Mia & Sebastian dance to "A Lovely Night" while looking out over the city at sunset.

Source: Seeing Stars