Movies Filmed at Griffith Observatory

Part of Griffith Park
2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA
Nearby Locations
Greek Theatre from Get Him to the Greek and 1 other movie.
447 m

Mt. Hollywood Drive Tunnel from Back to the Future Part II and 2 other movies.
586 m

4822 Glencairn Road from Ruby Sparks
686 m

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Beverly Hills, 90210

From episode #313 "Rebel with a Cause".

Source: IMDb

The Terminator


Where the terminator lands after coming back through time.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

From episode #508 "Shadow".

Source: IMDb


From episode #101 "Pilot".

Source: IMDb

Agent Carter

Griffith Observatory

Peggy and Jason Wilkes head to the observatory to admire the view and watch the video he smuggled out of his company in episode #202 "A View in the Dark".

Brothers & Sisters

From episode 4x01 "The Road Ahead".

Source: IMDb


From episode 1x14 "The Coup".

Source: IMDb

Quantum Leap

From episode #518 "Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960".

Source: IMDb

Yes Man

Source: IMDb

Wonder Woman

From episode 3x07 "Time Bomb".

Source: IMDb

Room 33

Source: IMDb


From episode #116 "3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.".

Source: IMDb

Melrose Place

From episode #231 "Til Death Do Us Part".

Source: IMDb

Star Trek: Voyager

From episode #308 "Future's End: Part 1".

Source: IMDb

Adventures of Superman

Jor-El's Laboratory on Krypton

From episode #101 "Superman on Earth".

Source: IMDb

Matt Houston

From episode #108 "The Kidnapping".

Source: IMDb

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

EPRAM Command Center

From episode #112 "All Shook Up".

Source: IMDb


From episode 1x09 "Hustle".

Source: IMDb


From episode 5x13 "City Under Siege: Part 3".

Source: IMDb

NCIS: Los Angeles

From episode #123 "Burned".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x02 "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been".

Source: IMDb

La La Land

Griffith Observatory