Hidden Figures Filming Locations

The true story of three black women working as mathematicians at NASA leading up to the flight of John Glenn and their vital role in the future of the space program.

Part of the 89th Academy Awards Collection

Hidden Figures was filmed in Atlanta, Monroe, Marietta, & Canton in United States of America.
Show Map

Sandy Creek Road (between Hardeman Mill & Fairplay)

Broken Down

Dorothy is working on her car after it broke down on the way to work with Mary and Katherine when a cop pulls up and questions them.


OFS Fitel

Cape Canaveral Mission Control Center

John Glenn is driven to the launch site at the space center.

Source: AJC.com

Front Gate

The cop pulls over to the side to let the women drive into the NASA complex.


U.S. Army Forces Command (Fort McPherson)

Computer Room

An empty space is transformed to house the new IBM computers for the program.


Claude B. Dansby Hall (Morehouse College)

Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (exterior)

Katherine repeatedly runs past the wind tunnel where Mary is working on her way to and from the bathroom.


Power Plant (Morehouse College)

West Computing Group (exterior)

Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary work with the other computers in the basement of the West Computing Group building.


East Atlanta High School

School (interior)

Mary takes a night class to qualify for the NASA Engineering training.

West Computing Group (interior)

Katherine, Dorothy, Mary, and the other black computers operating from the basement of one of the buildings.


Low Speed Wind Tunnel (Dobbins ARB)

Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (interior)


Frederick Douglass Learning Resource Center (Morehouse College)

Main Building (exterior)

Katherine gets a job working with the Space Task Group.

Source: IMDb


1835 Linwood Avenue

Katherine's House (exterior)

Katherine lives with her mother and three children.

Source: AJC.com


Collins Memorial United Methodist Church


Katherine meets Jim Johnson during a church picnic and later marries him in the same church.


Clay National Guard Center (Dobbins ARB)

NASA Hanger

The people who work at the facility line up in front of the hanger to greet John Glenn and the other astronauts. Later, Glenn trains in the hang and gives a press conference.


Building A (Emory University)

East Computing Group, Cafeteria, & Hallway

Dorothy goes over to the other computing building to deliver some documents to Vivian Mitchell and to ask about the new construction in the tech wing. Later, Vivian goes up to Mary during lunch to tell her she doesn't meet the requirements for the training program.


Walton County Courthouse

Courthouse (exterior)

Dorothy is walking down the street with her kids when she sees a segregation protest in front of city hall. Mary goes to the courthouse to get permission to go to school.


Cherokee County Board of Education

Hampton Public Library (exterior)

Dorothy and her children are kicked out of the library when she tries to check out a book.


106 South Broad Street


Mary watches John Glenn's landing with her children in a TV in the front of a store.


Old Monroe Elementary School

Barron Elementary

Mary picks up her kids from school on the day of John Glenn's landing.


Fairplay Road & Sandy Creek Road


Dorothy stops with a bunch of people watching the skies and listening to the radio during John Glenn's landing.


Century Campus (Morehouse College)


Katherine and Dorothy celebrate Mary's graduation with her.