Into the Badlands Filming Locations

Into the Badlands was filmed in Ireland and New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Evergreen Plantation

Quinn's Mansion

Sunny takes M.K. to Quinn's estate where the clippers are practicing on the lawn in episode 1x01 "The Fort". Sunny returns to the mansion with a barely alive Ryder and petitions to take M.K. under his wing in episode 1x02 "Fist Like a Bullet".

Source: IMDb


Fort Macomb

Training Grounds

Sunny shows MK the grounds where the young clippers are trained and MK gets into a fight with an older trainee in episode 1x01 "The Fort".


Market Street Power Plant

Old Turbine Station

Sunny and Ryder investigate the old power plant where a group of nomads are trading in Quinn's supplies only to walk into an ambush in episode 1x02 "Fist Like a Bullet".


O'Brien's Tower

Radio Tower

Bajie travels to a radio tower on the coast to use the compass to activate a mysterious machine in episode 2x10 "Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire".