The Carmilla Movie Filming Locations

Five years after they saved the worlds, Laura and Carmilla are living in Toronto when Laura starts to get strange dreams and Carm starts getting a resurgence of her old vampire side.

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The Carmilla Movie was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Glanmore National Historic Site

Elle's Mansion (exterior)

The gang arrives at Elle's old mansion and Laura gives Carmilla a chance to back out before they all head inside.

Vincent Massey Mansion

Elle's Mansion (interior)

Laura has a dream of being stalked by Carmilla in a creepy Victorian mansion. Carm eventually reveals that this is the old home where she lived with Elle and the gang goes there to investigate and finds it haunted.

1091 Queen Street East

Laura & Carmilla's Apartment

Laura continues her vlog with the celebration of Carmilla's 5th rebirthday while Carm tries to make the most out of her new human life.

Queen Street East (between Winnifred & Caroline)


Carmilla goes on living her best life by chomping on a pastry, and then she tries to live her best unlife by comping on a squirrel.

Riverdale Park East

Toronto Park

The meets up in the park to discuss Laura's dreams and come up with a plan. After their trip to Styria, they return to the park to reminisce over things with a bonus Danny.


The gang carries all of their gear down a long path to the mansion.