Carmilla Filming Locations

An intrepid journalism student at a strange university investigates the disappearance of her old roommate while dealing with her annoying new one. Watch the entire series on YouTube.

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Carmilla was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Patrician Grill

Klaus Kuchen Haus

The gang hides from an angry mob and a small village restaurant occupied by a strange woman in the season one Christmas special.

The Darling Mansion

The Dean's Mansion

Laura and the gang move into some swish new digs after returning to Silas in season two.

Around Campus

Mel and Theo call Laura from elsewhere on campus and ask for Danny's help in episode #233 "Just In Case".

The Library

Carmilla calls Laura from the lost library in episode #234 "Last Call".

Source: Hot Lady Pants

Guild Park and Gardens

Outside the Pit

Laura and Carmilla climb out of the pit and head off into the future after saving the world in episode 3x36 "Post Apocalypse".

Unwin Avenue (between Marina & Leslie)


Carmilla runs back to her motorcycle and speeds off in the teaser for the Carmilla movie.

Sugar Beach Park


Carmilla arrives at where Laura is grading papers in the park with a delivery in the teaser for the Carmilla movie.

Water's Edge Promenade


Laura and Carmilla run down the waterfront after receiving the mysterious message in the Carmilla movie teaser.