The Shape of Water Filming Locations

Woman meets a fish monster. Woman falls in love with fish monster. Woman plots against government to help fish monster escape captivity and torture. It is a tale as old as time.

Part of the 90th Academy Awards Collection

The Shape of Water was filmed in Toronto & Hamilton in Canada.
Show Map

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Orpheum Theater (interior)

Elisa goes into the movie theater under her apartment and finds the creature watching the film.


Massey Hall

Orpheum Theater (exterior)

Elisa walks downstairs in the morning and gets a pair of movie tickets from the theater owners.

Source: IMDb

Science Wing (U of T Scarborough)

OCCAM Aerospace Research Center (exterior)

Elisa gets off the bus and walks to work.

The Lakeview Restaurant

Dixie Doug's

Giles takes Elisa out for pie after work and he flirts with the guy behind the counter.

Source: IMDb


Eastport Drive (between Burlington Canal & Beach)


Elisa rides the bus to work and later Giles drives the disguised van.

Humanities Wing (U of T Scarborough)

OCCAM Aerospace Research Center (cafeteria)

Elisa and Zelda are getting lunch when they are interrupted by Fleming who says they are needed by Strickland.


Hamilton City Hall

Klein & Saunders

Giles brings in his latest design to the firm but they tell him to try something else.

Source: IMDb


Suffolk Apartments

Hoffstetler's Apartment

Dr. Hoffstetler returns home and finds some men waiting for him.


Lakeshore Sand Company

Industrial Area

Dr. Hoffstetler waits in the middle of giant piles of sand for his Russian handler.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Cherry & Don)


Strickland is driving down the road in his new car when he gets some appreciative looks from the people in another car.


Works and Environmental Systems


Elisa finds a canal where she plans on releasing the creature when the water levels rise.