Movies Filmed at Science Wing

University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON M1C 1A4, Canada

Part of University of Toronto Scarborough

The first new building constructed on the campus after its founding in 1963, the Science Wing (original the Andrews Building) was design by John Andrews in the brutalist style and completed in 1964. The building, along with the adjacent Humanities Wing/locations/3sj, were constructed with long open hallways down the center with overlooking balconies designed to look like city streets.

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Humanities Wing from The Expanse and 3 other movies.
116 m

Miller Lash House from Men with Brooms
448 m

Morningside Park from The Incredible Hulk
754 m

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The Expanse

M.C.R. Embassy

Bobbie and the rest of the Martian delegation land at their embassy and some have trouble adapting to the sun and gravity in episode 2x09 “The Weeping Somnambulist”. Bobbie escapes the embassy through her window and slides down the outside of the building in episode 2x10 “Cascade”. Captain Martens escorts Bobbie outside for her pickup but the transport is called off at the last minute due to an apparent terrorist threat in episode 2x11 “Here There Be Dragons”.


89th Precinct

Clary is sent to Luke's police station for help but she sees Luke meeting with some people from The Circle and flees in episode 1x01 “The Mortal Cup”. Clary and Jace head to the station with Luke to get the cards in episode 1x07 “Major Arcana”.


Gravitational Research Facility (roof/ambush)

Dominick finds himself cornered with his son by Nikolai and takes drastic action in episode 1x04 “Vita/Mors”.


Westhole Prison (exterior)

John and D'Avin head to the prison to question Coren Jeers about their target in episode 1x06 “One Blood”.