Avengers: Infinity War Filming Locations

Heroes from all over must team up to stop the terrible Thanos from acquiring the Infinity Stones and killing half the universe.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Avengers: Infinity War was filmed in Edinburgh in United Kingdom and New York & Atlanta in United States of America.
Show Map

Piedmont Park

Central Park

Pepper and Tony are jogging in the park when Doctor Strange steps out of a portal with Bruce and asks for their help.


Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge

Peter is in the school bus on the way to a field trip when he sees the spaceship overhead and runs off as Spider-man.


Fairlie Street Northwest & Walton Street Northwest

New York Street

Tony, Doctor Strange, Bruce, and Wong face off against Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian.


Woodruff Park

Washington Square Park

Bruch falls through one of the portals into the park and is soon joined by Tony who is battling Cull Obsidian.


Lamont Landing

Avengers HQ

Tony's suit fires off from Avengers HQ and flies off into the sky.

Cockburn Street

Cockburn Street

Wanda and Vision are out walking at night when they see a report on the attack in New York and are attacked by Thanos' goons.

Edinburgh City Chambers

Edinburgh Courtyard

Wanda lands after trying to escape Thanos' goons and the fight continues.

St. Giles' Cathedral

St. Giles' Cathedral

Vision continues his fight with Corvus Glaive on the rooftop of the cathedral.

Waverly Train Station

Waverly Train Station

The battles moves into the train station where Steve, Sam, and Natasha show up to rescue Wanda and Vision.

Source: IMDb


Bouckaert Farms

Wakandan Hillside

The army of Wakanda assembles with a portion of the Avengers to fight off any enemies who manage to make it through the barrier.

Border Tribe Village

T'Challa and Okoye discuss the upcoming fight and approach Bucky to offer him his new arm.


Hurricane Falls (Tallulah Gorge State Park)

Wakandan Waterfall

Bruce fights with Cull Obsidian from inside the Hulkbuster suit.


Forsyth Street Northwest (between Luckie & Williams)


Nick Fury and Maria Hill are driving down the street when the Snap occurs and Fury manages to get an emergency message out to Captain Marvel before he disappears.