Avengers: Age of Ultron Filming Locations

The Avengers must face off against an enemy of their own making.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Avengers: Age of Ultron was filmed in Bangladesh, Seoul in South Korea, Italy, London, Norwich, & Camberley in United Kingdom, and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Dover Castle

Hydra Facility (interior)

Iron Man downloads the Hydra files with Captain America captures Baron Strucker.

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Bourne Woods

Forest Road

The Avengers fight through the woods on their way to the Hydra facility.


Hawley Woods

Forest Bunker

Hawkeye attempts to destroy a Hydra bunker during their assault.

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Fort Bard

Hydra Facility (exterior)

Iron Man eliminates guards surrounding the Hydra Facility and eventually brings down the facility's shield.


Hendon Police College

Sokovia Square

The Avengers work to defeat Ultron's drones and evacuate the townspeople when the helicarrier arrives.


Via rue E.Chanoux & Via Roma

Sokovia Streets

Citizens of Sokovia do not react kindly to the Iron Legion drones landing in their town.


Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard

Salvage Yard

The Avengers travel to a ship breaking yard where Ultron is meeting with an arms dealer.


Harmsworth Quays Printing

The Churchill

Ultron meets with the weapons dealer Ulysses Klaue but is interrupted by the Avengers.

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Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

Black Widow's Vision

Black Widow has a vision of her time in the Red Room.


Rivoli Ballroom

Captain America's Vision

Captain America has a vision of Peggy Carter at a post-war dance.


St. Bartholomew the Great

Thor's Vision

Thor has a vision of Heimdall on Asgard.


Highlands Street Overlook

Outside Johannesburg

The Hulk arrives at the end of the city.


Fox Street & Von Brandis Street

Johannesburg Intersection

Iron Man attempts to trap The Hulk in a cage but he manages to break free.


Rissik Street (between Helen Joseph & Albertina Sisulu)

Johannesburg Plaza

The Hulk and Iron Man in the Hulkbuster suit fight in a square.


Brent Civic Centre

Johannesburg Mall

Iron Man and the Hulk smash their way through a mall.

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Albertina Sisulu Road & Simmonds Street

Hulk Defeated

The Hulk lies in the ruins of a building under construction and turns back into Bruce Banner.


Stratfield Saye Park

Barton Farm

The Avengers head to Clint Barton's secret farm to rest. The farmhouse and barn were constructed for the film.

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세빛둥둥섬 (Sebichdungdungseom)

U-Gin Genetics

Ultron goes to Helen Cho's lab and brainwashes her to construct a body for him.



U-Gin Genetics Research Lab (interior)

Dr. Cho returns to her lab only to find Ultron waiting for her.

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Founders Building (Royal Holloway College)

Royal Holloway

Thor seeks out Erik Selvig for some help finding answers about his vision.


청담대교 (Cheongdam Bridge)

Bridge Onramp

Captain America jumps off a ramp and onto the back of Ultron's truck.


마포대교 (Mapo Bridge)

Crossing Bridge

Captain America hangs onto the truck by the broken door as it crosses the bridge into the city.


누리꿈스퀘어 (Nulikkum Square) (디지털미디어시티)

Flying through Building

The Quinjet flies through a building on its way to drop off Black Widow.


월드컵북로 (World Cup North Road)

Down the Street

Captain fights Ultron on the top of the truck.


월드컵북로 (World Cup North Road) & 54길 (54 Road)

Grabbing Cap's Shield

Black Widow grabs Captain America's shield from the ground.


강남대로 (Gangnam-daero) & 봉은사로16길 (Bongeunsa-ro 16 Road)

Turning the Corner

Black Widow drives around the corner and into a small street.


계원대학로 (Gyewondaehang-ro) (between 흥안대로 (Heungan-daero) & 복지로 (Bokji-ro))

Shield Handoff

Black Widow throws Captain America his shield to help in his fight against Ultron.

Source: VisitKorea


계원대학로 (Gyewondaehang-ro) & 복지로 (Bokji-ro)

Riding up Stairs

Black Widow rides up a pedestrian bridge in an attempt to catch up with Ultron's truck.

Source: VisitKorea


Parking Lot (under 동부간선도로 (Dongbu Expressway))

Waterfront Chase

Black Widow catches up with the truck where Captain America and Ultron are fighting.


도림로128가길 (Dorim-ro 128 Side Road)

Train through Market

The runaway train crashes through a market alley.


6 Via Caduti per la Libertà

Sokovia Apartment

Scarlet Witch's power convinces people to leave their apartments.


13 Vicolo S. Egidio

Hawkeye's Perch

Hawkeye watches the town's evacuation from on high.


Via Roma Bridge

Sokovia High Bridge

Refugees stream over a bridge out of town.


Via Caduti per la Libertà Bridge

Sokovia Stone Bridge

Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch fight off Ultron's drones on a bridge that ends up breaking in half.


Via Torino & Via Vevey

Ruined Sokovia Wall

Quicksilver runs through town and spots some of Ultron's drones crawling up from under the ground.


Piazza Plouves

Sokovia Parking Lot

Quicksilver smashes through a line of drones that are emerging from underneath cars.


Via Caduti per la Libertà & Via Martorey

Sokovia Side Street

Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye defend a group of civilians from Ultron's robots.


Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts (UEA)

New Avengers HQ (exterior)

The Avengers set up their new headquarters in upstate New York at the end of the film.


ExCel London Event Hall

New Avengers HQ (interior)

Black Widow talks to Fury and later Captain America.

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