Ant-Man and the Wasp Filming Locations

Hope and her father recruit Scott again to help with an ambitious plan to rescue her mother from the Quantum Realm but they find themselves hunted by zealous FBI agents, a group of tech thieves, and a woman who can pass through solid matter.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

See also: Ant-Man.

Ant-Man and the Wasp was filmed in Atlanta, Savannah, San Francisco, Oakland, & Honolulu in United States of America.

1400 18th Street

Scott's Home

Scott is confined to his home during his house arrest but tries to make the most of it by playing an elaborate game with Cassie.


Broad Street Northwest & Walton Street Northwest


A pigeon attacks the shrunken car containing Scott and Hope until it is driven off by a garbage truck which drives overhead.


Parking Lot #69 (at 15th & Harrison)

Hank & Hope's Lab

Hope takes Scott to the building where they have been hiding out and when they leave Hank shrinks the building down and wheels it away.


Atlanta-Fulton Public Library


Hank and Scott wait in the garage while Hope goes inside to meet with Sonny Burch.


Southern Exchange Ballrooms


Hope meets with her tech supplier Sonny Burch to acquire the part needed to get the Quantum Tunnel working.


76 Peachtree Street Southwest

X-Con Security Consultants

Sonny Burch and his goons follow Ghost outside to find the tires on their SUV slashed.


Sather Gate (Berkeley)

UC Berkeley

Scott comments on their terrible disguises while heading to visit Hank's old colleague Bill Foster with him and Hope.


Goodrich C. White Hall (Emory University)

UC Berkeley Hall

Hank asks for Bill Foster's help in tracking the lab but they are forced to run when Agent Woo arrives tracking them.


Samuel M. Inman Middle School

Brookemont Elementary School

Scott and Hope sneak into Cassie's school to steal the old suit that Scott stashed inside his trophy.


840 Clemont Drive Northeast

Maggie's House

Scott gets a video chat from Cassie who is looking for her shoes. Later, Scott picks up Cassie for a day out after getting his ankle monitor removed.


18th Street (between Connecticut & Missouri)


In Luis's drugged retelling, Hope learns about Scott's visit to Berlin while walking up the street.


270 Peachtree Street Northwest

FBI Field Office

Agent Stoltz approaches Agent Woo with the information Sonny Burch gave him on the location of the lab. Later, Hank sneaks out of the FBI office disguised as an agent with a miniaturized Hope flying nearby.


Alley (south of Alabama, west of Pryor)

Alley behind X-Con Security Consultants

Luis calls to warn Scott about Sonny Burch learning his location.


Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods

The FBI find their way to the lab hidden in the woods and arrest Hope and her father.


Filbert Street (Between Jones & Taylor)

Arrow above Street

The gang follows an arrow made of ants through the city to the lab's new hiding place.


Norfolk Southern


The team tracks down the stolen lab and sets an ambush to recover the lab from Bill and Ava.


Montgomery Street (between Green & Vallejo)


Sonny Burch's SUVs pursue Hope's van down the hill.


Montgomery Street (between Broadway & Pacific)


Hope shrinks the van down causing one of the pursuing vehicles to crash into a parked car.


California Street & Jones Street


Hope flips one of the pursuers over by enlarging her van underneath them.


Lombard Street (between Hyde & Leavenworth)

Lombard Street

Hope shrinks the van just before hitting the steep street causing two of the pursing vehicles to crash.


Mitchell Street Southwest (between Ted Turner & Forsyth)

Stan Lee

A strange man watches as his car shrinks in front of his eyes.


Trinity Avenue Southwest (between Peachtree & Pryor)

Stealing Motorcycle

Ghost dives through the air and steals a motorcycle from one of Sonny Burch's goons.


Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Southwest & Central Avenue Southwest

Street Corner

Hope enlarges a Pez dispenser while throwing it at one of the pursuers on a motorcycle.


Mitchell Street Southwest (between Pryor & Central)


Ghost catches up to the van and phases through the windshield knocking Hope outside.


Wall Street Southwest (between Pryor & Central)


Scott leaves the crashed van behind and zips off on an ant while Luis locates a new car to escape.


Peachtree Street (between M.L.K. & Alabama)


Hope lands on the back of the flatbed truck as Scott rides on the front.


Pryor Street Southwest (between M.L.K. & Alabama)


Ava knocks Hope off the back of the flatbed truck and then falls off herself.


Peachtree Street (between Andrew Young International & Ellis)


An enlarged Scott grinds his feet into the ground to bring the truck to a stop.


Bush Street & Mason Street

Bush & Mason

Scott turns the truck around and uses it to skate down the hill.


Jones Street (between Union & Green)


The pursing vehicles fly through the air over a hill.


Filbert Street & Jones Street

Bottom of Hill

Luis shrinks down to cause a pursuing car to crash and then enlarges and drives off.


Forsyth Street Northwest (between Alabama & Marietta)


An enlarged Scott skates up next to Sonny Burch's SUV and knocks the gun from the hands of one of the goons.


Forsyth Street Northwest (between Marietta & Walton)

Narrow Alley

An enlarged Scott kicks Sonny Burch's gilded SUV causing it to crash but then loses him when he ducks into a narrow alley.


Taylor Street (between Jefferson & Beach)

End of Alley

Sonny Burch emerges from the alley with the shrunken lab and sees the pier in the distance.


Pier 43

Pier 43

Scott spots Sonny Burch escaping on a whale-watching boat and has trouble finding an ant to help him follow.


Jackson Street & Laguna Street


Agent Woo's SUV turns the corner and heads towards where the Ant-Man suit was reported.


Broadway & Laguna Street

Broadway & Laguna

Scott leaves the enlarged suit leaning against a building to distract Agent Woo and the other pursuers.


St. Louis Alley

Chinatown Alley

Ava tries to convince Bill to leave her behind but he refuses.


Kahana Bay Beach Park


Hank and Janet set up their old home on a remote beach for a much deserved vacation.


Vallejo Street (between Montgomery & Sansome)


Sonny Burch and his goons race down the hill after the lab.