Captain Marvel Filming Locations

A Kree soldier begins recovering memories of a life she never knew on the planet Earth and begins a journey to become Earth's mightiest hero.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Shaver Lake Beach

Crash Site

Vers has an unclear dream of a crash and firefight that she cannot remember while awake.

Source: ABC 30, Fox 26


Eagle Rock Substation

Training Room

Vers spars with Yon-Rogg and tries to get her to control her emotions and defeat him without her powers.


Gillibrand Quarry


Vers, Yon-Rogg, and the rest of the team search the planet for their missing spy.


Hangar 1600 (Edwards AFB)

Air Force Base

The Skrulls bring out a memory in Vers of herself piloting with another woman and then they dial in on a memory of her talking to the woman she saw as the Supreme Intelligence.

Project Pegasus (hanger)

Vers and Fury search for a way to escape the base while Talos and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are in close pursuit.


Jim Hall Racing Club

Go-Kart Race

Young Carol crashes off the court during a go-kart race.

Source: VC Star


Fulcrum Adventures (Culver City Park)

USAF Ropes Course

Carol tries to make a jump between two ropes during basic training and falls to the sand below.


Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill

Pancho's Bar (interior)

Vers has a vision of herself partying with Maria when the Skrulls proper her mind and later she tracks down the bar only to find Fury already waiting for her.

Source: Reddit


Valley Plaza, Unit 221

Blockbuster Video

Vers crashes through the roof of a video store, spends the night rigging up a communicator to send a message to Yon-Rogg, and then has a chat with local human Nick Fury.


El Segundo Beach


The Skrull emerge from the water after landing on Earth and take on the forms of several beachgoers.


Valley Plaza, Unit 230

The Slow Club

Vers is reporting back to Yon-Rogg with her hacked-together holographic communicator when she is approached by Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..


Douglas Station

Douglas Station

Vers leaps onto the back of the train that the Skrull is trying to use to escape.


East Maple Avenue & North Nash Street

Under the Train Tracks

Fury is following the train when a piece falls off and hits the hood of his car.


Atwood Way (between Nash & Parkview)


Fury turns the corner and races after the train.


East 1st Street & South Clarence Street


Fury takes a hard turn around the corner while chasing after the train as it approaches the tunnel.


East 1st Street (between Gless & Pecan)

Subway Tunnel Entrance

Vers blasts a hole in the top of the train and jumps inside just before it enters a tunnel.


Wilshire Boulevard & Lebanon Street

Lebanon Street

Fury's car does a little jump as he drives out of an alley while trying to beat the train to the station.


West Temple Street (between Broadway & Spring)

Downtown Street

Fury races his car through downtown hoping to get to the subway station before the train.


Civic Center / Grand Park Station

Subway Station (exterior)

Fury crashes his car after realizing he is driving with an imposter and shortly thereafter Vers emerges from the subway and jogs away.


7th Street / Metro Center Station

Subway Station (interior)

Vers searches around the station for the Skrull she was fighting but cannot find them.


In & Out Market

Sip n Surf Internet Cafe

Vers looks up the bar she saw in her memories and then steals some new clothes and a motorcycle.


Zebra Club

Pancho's Bar (exterior)

Vers rides her motorcycle out to the bar she saw in her vision and heads inside.


Golden State Highway Old Road

Mountain Road

Vers and Fury chat while driving out to the Project Pegasus base.


Pyramid Dam

Project Pegasus (gate)

Fury presents his ID at the gate to the base and Vers asks him if he ever goes by any other name.

Eastwood Powerhouse

Project Pegasus (tunnel)

Fury and Vers drive down a long tunnel to Project Pegasus and Fury gives her a S.H.I.E.L.D. hat as a disguise.


Southern Regional Library Facility (UCLA)

Project Pegasus (records)

Vers and Fury find the records for the test flight crash and Vers finds a photograph of herself that she doesn't remember. Also, they find a cat.


Culver City Park

Bicycle Jump

The Supreme Intelligence shows Carol a memory of her 13-year-old self crashing after attempting a bicycle jump.


Bill Botts Field (Culver City Park)

Baseball Diamond

The Supreme Intelligence shows Carol a memory of herself falling to the ground after almost being hit by a ball during a baseball game.


Powerline Road (east of Harrod)


Yon-Rogg's ship crashes in the desert and after he sees Carol defeating the Kree attack he tries to manipulate her into hand-to-hand combat.