Juliet, Naked Filming Locations

After catching his attention with a critical review, Annie beings a long-distance e-mail correspondence with a reclusive American musician who is the target of her boyfriend's obsession.

Juliet, Naked was filmed in London, Ramsgate, & Broadstairs in United Kingdom.
Show Map

21 Fort Road

Annie's Home

Annie lives with her boyfriend Duncan who maintains a shrine to Tucker Crowe in the basement.


York Street (between Dundonald & Buckingham)


Annie walks down the street on her way to the museum.


Ramsgate Maritime Museum

Sandcliff Seaside Museum


East Crosswall


Duncan sits by the water and listens to Juliet, Naked.


Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station

Tucker looks around the famous train station while heading to the train with Annie and Jackson.


Viking Bay


Annie is spending time on the beach with Tucker and Jackson when Duncan spots her while out jogging with Gina.


Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Annie arranges to meet Tucker in the museum cafe but he never shows.

Source: IMDb


University College London Hospital

University College Hospital

Tucker arrives at the hospital with Jackson to see Lizzie and his new grandchild when he has a heart attack in the lobby.

Source: IMDb