The Sinner Filming Locations

After a woman brutally kills a random man on the beach, a detective beings digging into her past to try and find out why she committed the murder.

The Sinner was filmed in Yonkers & Congers in the United States of America.

Belvedere Family Church

The Beverwyck Club

Ambrose follows a road out of the woods to an exclusive club and asks about people who would have access to the forest where the body was found in episode 1x05 “Part V”. Ambrose takes Cora out to the club to see if it will trigger any new memories in episode 1x06 “Part VI”. Cora and Phoebe accompany J.D. and his friends to the club where they find Frankie Belmont waiting in episode 1x07 “Part VII”.

Tara Bar & Grill

Carl's Taproom Bar & Grill

Ambrose goes to the bar where Cora claimed to meet Frankie Belmont but learns she was there with someone else in episode 1x02 “Part II”. Cora retells the Fourth of July meeting at the bar, this time with J.D. as the guy she left with in episode 1x04 “Part IV”. Phoebe convinces Cora to take her to the bar where J.D. gives Phoebe a pill in episode 1x07 “Part VII”.

Mt. Pleasant Justice Court

Somerset County Courthouse

Cora tries to enter a guilty plea in court but the judge decides she needs to undergo a competency interview in episode 1x02 “Part II”. Cora returns to court and after some indecision she sees her parents watching and decides to enter a guilty plea in episode 1x03 “Part III”.

Dorchester Police Department

Mason heads to the police station to visit Cora but decides to leave instead of going inside in episode 1x01 “Part I”.

Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar


Ambrose goes to dinner with his wife at a restaurant that they first went to years before after she lost her baby in episode 1x04 “Part IV”.