Black Widow Filming Locations

While on the run after the signing of the Sokovia Accords, Natasha is drawn back into old family drama.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Black Widow was filmed in 9 cities across 5 countries.
Budapest & Etyek in Hungary, Rome, Atlanta, Cartersville, Monroe, & Los Angeles in the United States of America, Sæbø in Norway, Tangier in Morocco, and in the United Kingdom.

3278 Embry Hills Drive as Cover House

Young Natasha and Yelena play around in the back yard and then head in to dinner after a brief lesson in fireflies from Melina. They are forced to cut their dinner short when Alexei brings news that it is time to leave.

28 Rue de la Kasbah as Moroccan Rooftop

Yelena lies on a rooftop with a sniper rifle aimed at her target but is forced to give chase on foot when a flock of birds accidentally reveal her location.

Collège Al Kasbah as Moroccan School

A bunch of students run out into the courtyard as the bell startles some birds into flight revealing Yelena's location on the rooftop.

Joker as Dagligvarer

Natasha picks up groceries and loads them into her rental car.

Adria Palace as Budapest Safe House

Natasha arrives at the Budapest safe house and finds her sister Yelena using it. After a fight and a conversation, the Widows attack and attempt to kill them and recover the vials.

The Majestic Halls as Dreykov's Office

Natasha tells Yelena about her mission to Dreykov that resulted in his daughter Antonia as collateral damage.

Magán Benzinkút as Varoil Üzemanyag

Natasha and Yelena talk after stopping in a gas station outside Budapest to treat their wounds and resupply.