Movies Filmed at The Majestic Halls

650 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA

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This former Bank of America building was constructed in 1921 and used as the bank’s headquarters until 1972. Designed by the firm Schultze & Weaver, the classic venue is now used for weddings, galas, and filming.

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The Good Place

Architect's Office

In a flashback, Michael is finally chosen to design his own neighborhood in episode 1x13 “Michael's Gambit”. Michael sneaks into the office to try and steal several Architect's pins but gets roped into a meeting with Shawn in episode 2x10 “Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Also appears in “Janet and Michael”, “The Burrito”, & “Mondays, Am I Right?”.
Hospital Waiting Room

Appears in “The Trolley Problem”.


Omnicorp Incorporated Bank

Sydney and Anthony Russek infiltrate a bank in Geneva to recover the account numbers stored in a safe deposit box in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.


A group of bank robbers break into the bank as a cover for a money transer in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.

Black Widow

Dreykov's Office

Natasha tells Yelena about her mission to Dreykov that resulted in his daughter Antonia as collateral damage.