Eternals Filming Locations

Centuries after defeating the last of the monstrous Deviants who threatened humanity, a group of immortal beings living amongst humans once again find the world under threat.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Eternals was filmed in London in the United Kingdom.

Piccadilly Circus as Piccadilly Circus

In the modern day, Sersi takes a photo of an ad for the museum featuring the dagger she created thousands of years earlier.

Source: IMDb

Natural History Museum as Natural History Museum

Sersi arrives at the museum late for the class she is teaching.

HMS President Dock as River Shore

A deviant freaks out a dog as it emerges from the water.

52 Belsize Lane as Sersi's Flat

Sersei talks to Dane after the attack and much later she sends Sprite off with Kingo and Karun.

Hampstead Heath as Hampstead Heath

Sersi and Dane take a walk to talk about their relationship but their conversation is interrupted by Arishem who takes Sersi away.