Euphoria Filming Locations

Euphoria was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Hideway Bar & Grill

Gay Bar

Young Cal and Derek share a kiss in Season 2, episode 3. Drunk adult Cal comes back and rocks out to Sinead O'Connor in episode 4 before being kicked out.

Odd Ball Cabaret

Strip Club

Season Two opening. "Fezco's grandma was a motherfuckin' G"

Favorite Liquor

Convenience Store

Elliot and Jules steal beer in Season 2, episode 4.

Travel Inn

Travel Inn

Motel used throughout the series, where Cal meets his online dating app hook ups and Nate and Maddy meet on Friday nights.

Source: Filmap

16104 Clear Oak Dr

Theo's House

Maddy is found babysitting and enjoying the luxuries in this mountain top home through out season 2.

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