Movies Filmed at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch

19802 Placerita Canyon Road, Newhall, California, USA
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Constructed on land purchased by Walt Disney in 1959, Golden Oak Ranch is a 890-acre movie ranch located at the entrance of Placerita Canyon to the east of Santa Clarita. The ranch contains suburban & downtown backlots as well as a variety of cabins and outdoor areas for filming.

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Placerita Canyon Nature Center from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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Captain America: The First Avenger

Camp Lehigh (flag)

The recruits are challenged to recover the flag from the top of a flag pole during their run.

Independence Day

The White House Lawn

The President and others leave the White House on Marine One.

No Strings Attached

Camp Weehawken

Young Emma and Adam first talk at camp. The large barn is Golden Oak Hall.

The A-Team

From episode 4x05 "The Road to Hope".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x10 "Three for the Road".

Source: IMDb

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Field near River's End

From episode 5x11 "All the Comforts of Home".

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Melona IV

From episode 5x04 "Silicon Avatar".

Source: Memory Alpha

Back to the Future

Twin Pines Ranch

Marty travels back in time and crashes into a barn house. The barn in question was Golden Oak's ragwing barn.


Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

Agent Carter


From episode 1x05 "The Iron Ceiling".

Source: IMDb

Star Trek

Omicron Ceti III (village)

From episode 1x24 "This Side of Paradise".

Source: Memory Alpha

Whatever It Takes


Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

Knight Rider

From episode 1x00 "Knight Rider".

Source: IMDb