Seaside Filming Locations

Daphne moves to the beach house her boyfriend just inherited with plans to get married but things get complicated when they run into his ex.

Seaside was filmed in Seaside, Cannon Beach, Portland, & Manzanita in the United States of America.

Concord Building

Zorn's Law Office (exterior)

Daphne meets Roger outside the office for the reading of his father's will.

80198 Pacific Road

Beach House

Daphne and Roger arrive at the house but Roger goes off on a walk before going inside.

Cotton Club

Thrift Store

Daphne and Roger purchase clothes for their wedding.

Funland Arcade

Funland Arcade

Roger takes Daphne to the arcade after their wedding failure and they run into Roger's ex Susanna.

Spindrift Inn

Susanna's Home

Roger confronts Susanna and warns her off after his wedding.

Cannon Beach Surf

Cannon Beach Surf

Daphne asks Roger to wait outside while she heads in to buy a pregnancy test. She says something to the clerk and then leaves through the back door.