Charlie's Angels Filming Locations

Young engineer Elena is drawn into a world of espionage when she is rescued by two Angels after trying to blow the whistle on the dangers of her company's revolutionary new technology.

Charlie's Angels was filmed in Hamburg & Berlin in Germany, İstanbul in Turkey, and Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg as Brok Industries

Elena tries to inform Peter Fleming about the flaws in Calisto but is discounted and the launch goes ahead anyway.

Source: IMDb

Hummingbird Nest Ranch as Angels' Headquarters

John Bosley returns to the Angels headquarters for his retirement party.

Marinehof as Bibliotek Cafe

Elena meets with Edgar Bosley while the Angels keep watch but Jane notices an assassin watching them and things quickly go downhill.

Kaiserkai as Hamburg Riverfront

Hodak knocks the car into the river and waits for any survivors to surface but is forced to flee when Sabina arrives.

Becycle as Becycle

Sabina steals a staff badge from Pradeep Prasad from the line at the gym.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof as Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Bosley and the Angels arrive in Berlin and another Angel hands off some car keys.

Pergamonmuseum as Berlin Safe House

Bosley drives the Angels to the safe house in Berlin and later heads outside to meet a contact who has information on John.

Mısır Çarşısı as Istanbul Bazaar

Sabina and Bosley swap out the SIM card in Flemming's phone without him noticing.

Veliefendi Race Course as Veliefendi Hippodrome

Bosley runs the operation while the Angels prepare to stop Flemming from selling Calisto during the Turkish Derby.

Ahırkapı Parkı as Istanbul Parking Lot

The Angels change from their ambulance to a less conspicuous vehicle they had waiting.

Moritzburg Castle as Chamonix

Jane and Sabina attend Brok's lavish party to rescue Elena and finally recover Calisto.

Source: IMDb