Movies Filmed at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

2940 Kuehner Dr, Santa Susana, CA 93063, USA

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Santa Susana Cantina from Twin Peaks
3.0 km

11847 Peak Road from The Last Man on Earth
3.0 km

11446 Awenita Court from Charlie's Angels
3.3 km

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Essex Tower Hotel

Nico meets her father for lunch but finds Morgan there having apparently entered a relationship with him in episode 3x06 “Merry Meet Again”. Nico talks to her father the morning after the ritual and then helps her mother sneak inside to steal Morgan's spell book in episode 3x07 “Left-Hand Path”.

Church of Gibborim Worship Center (gazebo)

Molly decides to show her new friend Bodhi her powers in episode 3x07 “Left-Hand Path”.

Charlie's Angels

Angels' Headquarters

John Bosley returns to the Angels headquarters for his retirement party.