Leverage Filming Locations

A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen in a modern day Robin Hood. Pilot based and shot in Chicago, first season based and shot in Los Angeles. The second to fourth seasons were based in Boston, shot in Portland, OR, and from the fifth season the show take place in Portland.

Leverage was filmed in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, & Portland, OR in United States of America.

Millenium Park

Meeting Point

The team meets in this park at the end of the con and get paid a very large amount of money in episode #101 "The Nigerian Job".

Citadel Building

Pierson Aviation

Nate and his new team pull off a heist in this building at the start of episode #101 "The Nigerian Job".

401 North Michigan Avenue

Bering Aerospace

Sophie meets with Victor Dubenich at his offices in episode #101 "The Nigerian Job".

55 West Monroe Street

55 Lakeside Avenue

The team sets up a fake office in this building to scam Victor Dubenich in episode #101 "The Nigerian Job".

213 Spring Parking

Parking Garage

From episode #110 "The 12-Step Job".

Source: IMDb

BridgePort BrewPub

BridgePort BrewPub

The Leverage team moves into their new headquarters in the back of the BrewPub in season 5.

1405 Northwest 14th Avenue

Empty Warehouse

Nate and Hardison meet with Scott Roemer and then Hardison kidnaps him in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

738 Northwest Glisan

The Faded Rose Theater

Sophie sees this theater while walking with Parker, and by the end of the episode buys it in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

Northwest Northrup Street & Northwest 14th Avenue

Near Jenny Sanders's School

Parker approaches Jenny Sanders, only to see the girl's bear get stolen by thugs in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

Riverplace Marina

Portland Marina

Nate gets off his sailboat at this dock and meets with Sophie in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

1414 Northrup Street

Global Transit Airlines

Sophie and Parker infiltrate the Global Transit Airlines offices to gather information on the mark in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Nate meets Scott Roemer and convinces him to help in buying the Spruce Goose in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

U.S. General Services Administration


Jenny Sanders films Scott Roemer giving a press conference about her father's death in episode #501 "The (Very) Big Bird Job".

Memorial Coliseum

Otters Arena

The team stops the minor league team manager whose team plays at this arena in episode #502 "The Blue Line Job".

1130 Northwest 10th Avenue

Apartment Building

Nate, Sophie, and Vlad Basiak pull a con on Pete Rising in an apartment in this building in episode #502 "The Blue Line Job".

600 Block, SW Naito Parkway

Naito Parkway

Hardison and Elliot drive down the road singing Hardison's song in episode #503 "The First Contact Job".

Campus of Urban & Public Affairs (Portland State University)

Annandale Communications

Nate impersonates the VP of Sales at this company in order to sell James Kanack a fake satellite in episode #503 "The First Contact Job".

Academic & Student Rec Center (Portland State University)

Kanack Worldwide

The office of James Kanack where the bulk of the con takes place in episode #503 "The First Contact Job".

Food Innovation Center

Northern Culinary School

The team works to bring down the new owner of this culinary school in episode #504 "The French Connection Job".

Mount Hood

Mount Kibari

All of the mountain scenes in episode #401 "The Long Way Down Job".

Park Hill Cemetery


Cemetery where Hardison is buried in episode #407 "The Grave Danger Job".

Joe Brown's Cafe

Joe Brown's Cafe

Cafe where Darlene Wickett follows Hardison in episode #407 "The Grave Danger Job".

Gilda's Italian Restaurant

Gilda's Italian Restaurant

Restaurant where Nate and Sophie meet with Nate's childhood friend at the start of episode #403 "The 15 Minutes Job".

Little Green Grocer

Little Green Grocer

Where the team fakes a robbery in episode #403 "The 15 Minutes Job".

375 South Broadway Street


Gabe Erickson has a job at this bookstore as part of his witness protection deal in episode #507 "The Real Fake Car Job".

Southeast 4th Avenue (between Broadway & Main)

Street near Bookshop

Nate shows off his vintage car to Gabe Erickson to get him on the hook in episode #507 "The Real Fake Car Job".

True Value

Hardware Store

Sophie and Eliot buy supplies to convince Ellie Rose that they are assassin's in episode #507 "The Real Fake Car Job".

Lake Shore East Park

Meeting Point

After stealing the plans from Pierson Aviation, the team meets up here to discuss payment in episode #101 "The Nigerian Job".

NW Station Way & NW Lovejoy Court


Where the team stages the car accident near the end of episode #403 "The 15 Minutes Job".