Pearl Harbor Filming Locations

Pearl Harbor was filmed in Los Angeles & Honolulu in United States of America.
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RMS Queen Mary

Grand Salon

The New York night club where Rafe and Evelyn dance.

Source: Seeing Stars

Queen Mary

Rafe and Evelyn float by the Queen Mary on a boat in New York Harbor (actually filmed in Long Beach).


Kualoa Ranch

Hawaii Valley

Kids watch the Japanese planes fly through the valley enroute to Pearl Harbor. Ironically, in real life, the planes were flying in the opposite direction of Pearl Harbor.


Disney's Golden Oak Ranch


Flashbacks to Rafe and Danny's childhood on a farm were filmed here.

Los Angeles Union Station

Train Station

The interiors of the train station was shot at Los Angeles' Union Station.


Tustin Naval Air Station


James Doolittle teaches his troops how to perform short landings on the base.


Fort MacArthur (Point Fermin Park)

Japanese Military Base

One of the old cannon bunkers at Fort MacArthur was used as a Japanese military site.


Exposition Rose Garden (Exposition Park)

White House Rose Garden

Stands in for the White House Rose Garden where FDR gives his speech.


Lincoln Park Motel

Haleiwa Motor Court

Where Evelyn tells Rafe she is pregnant.


Van Nuys Airport


Shots of planes taking off were filmed here.

Source: Seeing Stars


Linda Vista Community Hospital


Some hospital scenes with Evelyn were shot here.

Source: Seeing Stars


Warner Grand Theatre

Warner Grand Theatre

Where Danny and Evelyn see The Great Dictator.