Oh Hey It's a Ghost Filming Locations

Gary is about to ask his crush out on a date, when he gets hit by a car. Now he's back as a ghost, but can he get up the nerve to tell her how he feels?

Oh Hey It's a Ghost was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Former 1706 West 51st Avenue

Jon's House Party

Location of the party at the beginning of the film, the street where Gary is hit by the car, and the sidewalk where Gary's memorial is held.

Emily's House

Emily calls April from her house to invite April to Gary's memorial service.


3854 West 18th Avenue

April's House

Where Gary first greets April as a ghost and where they hang out later.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC)

Ghost Park

Gary and April talk and get strange looks.

Normand Bouchard Memorial Theatre (UBC)

Movie Theatre

Gary and April attend a movie.

Student Union Building (UBC)

Coffee Shop

April and Gary converse and get strange looks from the barista. Filmed in the former Pendulum restaurant.

Place Vanier Residence (UBC)

Another Street

April confronts Gary about his reasons for coming back as a ghost. After Gary disappears Emily comforts April.