The University of British Columbia

104 E Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada
Nearby Locations

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

The Chan Centre is a gorgeous performance venue located on the University of British Columbia campus. The main Chan Shun Concert Hall features a distinctive floating canopy and beautiful teak walls. The smaller Telus Studio Theatre features three-story stacked seating which can be moved into various configurations. The building also features the small Royal Bank Cinema, a beautiful soaring lobby, and various versatile backstage spaces.

Cecil Green Park House

This building, constructed in 1912, was originally the home of Edward Davis, a prominent lawyer for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and was called Kanakla (meaning ‘house on the cliff’). It now belongs to the university and houses weddings, film shoots, and other events.

Chemistry Building, D-Block

The main chemistry building at UBC, built in 1923 and renovated in 2008. Houses the Chemistry Department offices and limited lab space.

Walter C. Koerner Library

This library, designed by Arthur Erickson and opening in 1997, is a central feature on the UBC campus. Featuring postmodern architecture, the entire building was designed to look like a book lying open. The original intention was to expand the library backwards, but development plans changed and now the building ends in a plain stucco wall, in contrast with the distinct glass facade on the front.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Originally the UBC Main Library which was constructed in 1925, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre underwent a massive renovation and expansion a few years ago and now contains a large library, study areas, and a cafe. It also contains a super cool robotic book retrieval system.

Rose Garden

A small garden located at the north end of the UBC campus which offers amazing views of the water and mountains.

Museum of Anthropology

The University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology is a tourist as well as research and teaching museum. A major focus of the collection is on First Nation works of the Pacific Northwest. The building was constructed in 1976 by the architect Arthur Erickson in the post-and-beam architectural style of the coastal First Nations people.

Buchanan Tower

Contains offices for the Faculty of Arts, primarily for the English and Language Studies departments.

Music Building

Home of the University of British Columbia's music department.

Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre

The Koerner University Centre opened in 1959 as UBC’s new Faculty Club and was designed by Fred Lasserre, a architecture professor. The building underwent several expansions over the years and the upper level now houses the Sage Bistro, a high-end restaurant, and the lower level, after some renovations in 2008, now houses classrooms and a small cafe.

Green College

A graduate residential college at UBC housing graduate & postdoctoral scholars. Centers around the Graham House, built in 1915, and the Coach House, built around the same time. Additional residential structures were constructed in 1992. More information at the Green College website.

Old Auditorium

A recently renovated School of Music performance venue at the University of British Columbia.

Other locations belonging to The University of British Columbia include Film Production Building, Thunderbird Boulevard & East Mall, Former Building, Koerner's Pub, UBC Farm, Alpha Delta Phi, Agricultural Road & Main Mall, & UBC Baseball Field.

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