While I Breathe Filming Locations

While I Breathe is the intimate story of two people affected by human trafficking, and how one chance hour together changes their respective lives forever.

While I Breathe was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Mahony & Sons Public House (UBC)

Hotel Bar

Malchai eats with his boss at the start of the film.

Buchan Hotel

Hotel Room

Hotel room where Malchai and Taryn meet and talk.

Conn Lodge

Hotel Exterior

Malchai chases Taryn and Kari from the hotel.


4725 Chancellor Boulevard


Bathroom where Taryn is punished by Kari and then talks with Cate.

West Coast Suites (UBC)

Mackenzie Suites

Hotel room where the police set up the sting operation for Taryn.

Sandman Suites

Final Hotel Room

At the end of the film Taryn enters another hotel room.

Mackenzie Suites

Malchai exits the hotel after learning that Taryn sent Cate in her place and looks for the car that dropped her off.