American Horror Story Filming Locations

American Horror Story was filmed in Los Angeles & New Orleans in United States of America.
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James Oviatt Building

Hotel Cortez

From episode 5x01 "Checking In".

Source: Filmap


Sepulveda Dam Spillway

Burning Warlocks

From episode 8x07 "Traitor".

Source: Filmap


Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion

Murder House

The Rosenheim Mansion was used as the model for the Harmon's house in the first season of American Horror Story

Source: LAist


Buckner Mansion

Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies

In American Horror Story: Coven


Old Orange County Courthouse

Briarcliff Manor

Exterior of Briarcliff Manor in American Horror Story: Asylum.


Coba Academy

Butchery on Main

Source: Filmap