Movies Filmed at Sepulveda Dam Spillway

15758 Burbank Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91411, USA
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Sherman Oaks Castle Park from No Strings Attached and 1 other movie.
741 m

La Maida Street & Peach Avenue from Runaways
1.1 km

Van Nuys RC Field from You're the Worst
1.1 km

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Knight Rider

Bedford Dam

From episode 2x11 "Knightmares".

Source: IMDb

From episode 4x16 "Redemption of a Champion".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x18 "The Killer in the Concrete".

Source: IMDb


Arched Walkway

Irene tells Jerome about her heart condition and offers him one of her hairs.

Source: IMDb

Simon & Simon

From episode 5x18 "For the People".

Source: IMDb

American Horror Story

Burning Warlocks

From episode 8x07 "Traitor".

Source: Filmap

Barnaby Jones

From episode 2x19 "Friends Till Death".

Source: IMDb


From episode 1x05 "Career Day".

Source: IMDb


Sepulveda Dam Spillway

Source: IMDb

Escape from New York

Air Control Central

Source: IMDb

Shut Up and Drive

From episode 4x01 "Los Angeles".

Source: IMDb

Ghost Whisperer

From episode 2x14 "Speed Demon".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x01 "Eleven.Thirteen".

Source: IMDb

Survival of Dana

Drag Race

Source: IMDb