Iron Man 3 Filming Locations

The third Iron Man film introduces the mysterious Mandarin who is causing people to spontaneously combust and waging a war against Stark.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

See also: Iron Man & Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 3 was filmed in Los Angeles, Miami, & Wilmington in United States of America.
Show Map

Miami Beach Resort & Spa

New Years Eve Party

Tony snubs Aldrich Killian at a New Years Eve party before spending the night with Maya Hansen.


Point Dume & Westward Beach

Tony Stark's House

Establishing shots only. Tony's house is a CGI on top of a real cliff in Malibu.


Blue Cloud Movie Ranch

Ten Rings Town

The Mandarin executes a bunch of people in a propaganda video.


Dania Beach Bar & Grill

Neptune’s Net

Tony is having lunch with Rhodey when some children approach him and he ends up having a panic attack.


Executive Briefing Center (SAS)

Stark Industries (exterior/lobby)

Happy walks through the lobby and later Pepper says goodbye to Killian outside the building.


Archie K. Davis Conference Center (Research Triangle Park)

Stark Industries (office)

Pepper meets with Aldrich Killian at Stark Headquarters while Happy is suspicious of Savin.


Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Happy follows Savin to the the theater and is caught in an explosion.


New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Los Angeles Mercy Hospital

Tony visits Happy in the hospital after the explosion and then sears revenge against the Mandarin to a bunch of reporters.


100 Wells Town Road

Harley Keener's House

Tony Stark walks up to and breaks into a house at the edge of Rose Hill to fix his Iron Man suit.


Pacific Coast Highway (near Puerco Canyon Road)

Driving with Maya

Pepper drives down the highway with Maya after learning Tony is still alive.


Villa Vecchia

Killian's Mansion (courtyard/interior)

Killian runs his Mandarin scheme out of an old mansion. Tony comes here later to find and stop the Mandarin but is captured instead.


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Killian's Mansion (exterior)

The Mandarin arrives at a mansion to do his broadcast. Later, Tony stark eliminates guards protection the mansion.


East Church Street (between Railroad & Marshall)

Rose Hill Main Street

Tony arrives in town to investigate the explosion and ends up getting into a fight with Brandt and Savin.


Mallard Alley

Crater Memorial

Tony investigates a crater Harley tells him about that has been turned into a memorial.


110 East Church Street

Walker's Bar

Tony goes to a local bar to question the mother of the man who exploded.


111 East Church Street

The Rocky Top

Tony's fight with Brandt continues into a local restaurant which Tony blows up.


Rose Hill Water Tower

Water Tower

Savin knocks down a water tower in an attempt to kill Tony.


Kenan Memorial Auditorium

Hamilton County Memorial Hall

Tony Stark hijacks a television van that is covering the Miss Chattanooga Christmas Pageant.


Stevens Do It Best Hardware

Hardware Store

Tony Stark gathers components to build his makeshift Iron Man suit.


Julia Tuttle Causeway

Driving into Miami

Tony Stark drives into Miami after learning the location where the Mandarin is transmitting from.


Cape Fear Club

Vice President's Residence

The Vice President receives a call from Rhodey warning him about Killian's theft of the War Machine suit.


Wilmington International Airport

Boarding Air Force One

The President is boarding Air Force One when he is joined by Savin posing as Rhodey in the War Machine suit.


Port of Wilmington

Port Battle

Tony and Rodney work to rescue the President and Pepper.