Movies Filmed at Point Dume State Beach

7399 Birdview Ave, Malibu, CA 90265, USA

A small state preserve located at the southernmost point of Malibu is quite popular with rock climbers looking for a relatively easy climb.

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28980 Cliffside Drive from The Colbys
886 m

7049 Birdview Avenue from Lucifer
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28824 Cliffside Drive from The O.C. and 4 other movies.
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Turtle and Jamie-Lynn hang out. From episode 5x11 "Play'n with Fire".

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark's House

Establishing shots only. Tony's house is a CGI on top of a real cliff in Malibu.

How I Met Your Mother

From episode #316 "Sandcastles in the Sand".

Source: Wikipedia

Iron Man

Tony Stark's House

Establishing shots took place at Point Dume, where Tony Stark's house was digitally imposed on the cliffs for the film.

The Big Lebowski

bonfire scene

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark's House

House digitally inserted on the top of the cliff.


From episode 2x22 "Chuck Versus the Ring".

Source: Wikipedia

Planet of the Apes

Destroyed Statue of Liberty

Source: Wikipedia


From episode 3x22 "Tomorrow".

Source: Wikipedia

D-Day the Sixth of June

Normandy Beach

Source: Wikipedia

I Dream of Jeannie

From episode #101 "The Lady in the Bottle".

Source: Wikipedia


From episode #112 "Dominoes".

Source: Wikipedia



Source: Filmap