The NeverEnding Story Filming Locations

A young introverted boy finds an ancient tome that shows him the magical world of Fantasia and adventures therein.

Part of the NeverEnding Story Collection

See also: II & III.

The NeverEnding Story was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and Almería in Spain.
Show Map

Water Street & Cambie Street

Confronted by Bullies

Bastian is walking to school when he is chased by a group of bullies.

Source: Filmap

Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Abbott)

Dumpster in Alley

Bastian is chased by three bullies down an alley and he is thrown into a dumpster. Later he chases those same bullies while riding Falkor and forces them into the dumpster.

Source: Filmap

Carrall Street (between Water & Cordova)

Outside Alley

Bastian leaves the alley only to be chased by the bullies again.


Queen Mary Elementary School


Bastian arrives to school late and heads up to the attic to hide out and read his new book.


Playa de Mónsul


Atreyu falls off Falkor and wakes up on the beach.