Movies Filmed at Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Abbott)

Water Street & Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada
Nearby Locations
EasyPark Garage at 150 Water from Supergirl and 1 other movie.
24 m

Leckie Building from 50/50
69 m

Hotel Gastown from Arrow
73 m

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Van in Alley

Oliver jumps off a fire escape and onto a moving van while chasing the signal from The Savior in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Source: YVRShoots

The NeverEnding Story

Dumpster in Alley

Bastian is chased by three bullies down an alley and he is thrown into a dumpster. Later he chases those same bullies while riding Falkor and forces them into the dumpster.

Source: Filmap


Alley beside Parking Garage

Alex & Kara's fight with Metallo continues when Kara throws Metallo down into the alley in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".