Lost Girl Filming Locations

Lost Girl was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Valley Halla Estate

Abandoned House

After jumping off the train Bo finds herself back on Earth where she discovers a house in the woods in episode 4x03 "Lovers. Apart.".

Source: Fred Petrij

Fairmont Royal York

Afterlife Lobby

Bo arrives in the afterlife to rescue Kenzi in episode 5x01 "Like Hell: Part 1".

Brown's Line (between Roseland & Woodbury)


Bo and Lauren are walking down the street when Lauren is hit by a truck in episode 5x09 "44 Minutes to Save the World".

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery

Bo and Kenzi visit an art gallery to steal a painting in episode 5x10 "Like Father, Like Daughter".

Alley (south of King, west of St. Lawrence)


Bo meets a alternate-Tamsin in an alley and asks her questions about the strange place she has ended up in episode 5x14 "Follow the Yellow Trick Road".

St. Lawrence Street (between Trolley & Eastern Diversion)


Bo sits at a stoplight under a bridge only to realize that everyone has disappeared in episode 5x14 "Follow the Yellow Trick Road".

Wellington Street West (between York & Bay)

More Driving

The crew continues to drive through the city in Vex's van in episode 5x16 "Rise".

Unwin Avenue (between Regatta & Marina)

Saying Goodbye

Bo says goodbye to Kenzi and Dagny and then makes up with Lauren in episode 5x16 "Rise".

Wellington Street West & York Street

Turning Corner

Vex drives the van around the corner through the dead city in episode 5x16 "Rise".

Driving in Van

The crew drives down the street in Vex's van in episode 5x16 "Rise".

Horner Avenue & Beta Street

Chi Sucking

Several people have their chi sucked by Bo in episode 5x16 "Rise".

Polson Street

Outside Police Station

The crew are outside a police station when Hades raises his minions to attack them in episode 5x16 "Rise".