Movies Filmed at Fairmont Royal York

100 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3, Canada

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A large historic hotel in downtown Toronto which opened in 1929 as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway's network of grand hotels across the country. The hotel current sports 1365 rooms, a number of meeting rooms, a bar, and a small shopping area in the basement.

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Piper Street from Red
43 m

Front Street West (between York & Bay) from Nikita and 1 other movie.
80 m

Front Street West & York Street from Fringe and 1 other movie.
92 m

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The Handmaid's Tale


The handmaids attend a fancy dinner so they can be shown off to the Mexican ambassador in episode 1x06 “A Woman's Place”.


Offred is escorted into an illicit sex club by Commander Waterford where she spots Moira still among the living in episode 1x08 “Jezebels”. Nick escorts Offred and the commander to the club before retiring to the kitchen in an attempt to gather information for the Eyes in episode 1x09 “The Bridge”.

The Expanse

Meeting Hall

The U.N. and M.C.R. delegations meet to discuss the events on Ganymede and Bobbie is brought in to testify on what she saw in episode 2x09 “The Weeping Somnambulist”. The two delegations return to the negotiating table to settle their deal and Chrisjen asks about Bobbie in episode 2x10 “Cascade”.


The Royale Hotel

Liam jumps into the elevator with Tanz to tell him about the meteor heading for the planet in pilot episode.


The Wyckland Hotel

Nikita stops Division from assassinating General Safwani in his hotel room in pilot episode.

Ahmedov's Hotel

Nikita and Michael gather information from Timur Ahmedov in order to locate Kasim Tariq in episode 1x09 “One Way”.