Chappie Filming Locations

A police robot is given consciousness by its creator and falls in with a group of criminals while a rival designer tries to sabotage to program to get his own competing robot design off the ground.

Part of the works of Neill Blomkamp

Chappie was filmed in Johannesburg in South Africa.
Show Map

City Council of Johannesburg

Johannesburg Police HQ

The police commissioner gives a press conference on the new robotic police units.


Depar Car Wash


One of the new Scout units stands in the middle of a riot.


Residence (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Tetravaal (main building)

The exterior of the Tetravaal offices.


Building (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Tetravaal (labs)

Both Deon and Vincent work on the Scout and Moose programs in the Tetravaal labs.


Road (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Tetravaal (grounds)

A van pulls up with the damaged Scout chassis.


Francois Oberholzer Freeway (near Sauer Street)


The gang races down the freeway in their van.


Kaserne Goods Yard

Railyard Lair

Yo-Landi, Yankie, and Ninja bring their stolen drugs to Hippo only for the meeting to be attacked by the police.


Orlando Power Station

Gang Hideout

The gang heads back to their hideout in an abandoned power plant to recover from their injuries, and eventually they bring Deon here to put together their robot.

Source: IMDb


Offices (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Tetravaal (parking lot)

Deon pulls his van into the parking lot.


Denel North Road (west of Atlas Road)

Near Tetravaal

The gang waits for Deon to leave the campus.


N12 & Jet Park Road

Highway Onramp

Vincent follows Deon's van onto the highway.


N12 & Elizabeth Road


Vincent follows Deon's van down the highway towards the gang's hideout.


Empty Lot off Wemmer Pan Road

Chappie Attacked

Ninja and Yankie leave Chappie near a group of kids who attack him.


Braamfontein Sidings (between De Villiers Graaff & Nelson Mandela Bridge)

Railway Tracks

Chappie crosses the tracks after being injured by some kids.


Highlands Street Overlook


Chappie is looking over the city after being attacked by some kids when Vincent finds and captures him.


Hire Arms

Mallan & Sons Firearms

Deon heads to a gun dealer to purchase a handgun.


Ponte City

Ponte City Apartments

Ninja, Yankie, and Chappie go to trade in their stolen cars for explosives to use in their heist.


Claim Street (between Pretoria & Kotze)

Street Riot

People riot in the street after the Scout units shut down.


Beyers Naudé Square

Riot in Square

A Scout unit shuts down in the middle of trying to calm a riot.


Hanger (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Police Hanger

Human police officers arms up and deploy after the Scout units shut down.


De Villiers Graaf Motorway (near Jeppe Street)

Highway Robbery

A news helicopter captures footage of Chappie helping the gang with an armored car robbery on the highway.


Francois Oberholzer Freeway (near Faraday Street)


Chappie races the van down the highway after the attack on the hideout.


Inner Gate (Denel Kempton Park Campus)

Tetravaal (gate)

Chappie crashes the van though the gate onto the Tetravaal campus.